Design Ideas for Different Attic Rooms

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Property owners assume that they do not have sufficient indoor space. Often, they see the attic as nothing more than a space below their roofs. Recently, however, attics are being transformed into functional and beautiful rooms. They give you the much-needed space for storage, sleeping, or relaxation. There are different steps you will need to take to transform the attic into a functional and comfortable room.

The best place to start is to hire home insulation contractors from Houston, TX that specialize in attic transformations. These contractors will assess your roofing and walls along with your area’s climate then recommend the best insulation material to minimize the heat loss of the attic. This will considerably lower your property’s heating expenses since the roof is one of the areas through where your indoor heat escapes. After getting the attic insulated, it is time to decorate it to change it from the dark, cramped room it ordinarily is. Here are some décor ideas for different attic rooms.

Attic Offices

The privacy of the attic makes it one of the best rooms for your home office. Here, you can concentrate and come up with brilliant ideas away from the clutter in the rest of your home. Pick light-colored walls with bright hues like burgundy or white to make the space look big and reflect the light from the attic’s window. These can be paired with white tiles for the floors, along with furniture in vibrant colors.

Attic Libraries

Almost all book nerds will want space as far away from others as possible for their reading. This makes an attic one of the best places for your library. You can decorate an attic library with relaxing wall colors like gray then include framed paintings to trigger people’s imaginations. The reading area can be furnished with a comfortable sofa or cushions with lighting near them.

Attic Master Bedrooms

bedroom in the attic

Most people take the largest room in their home for the master bedroom. You can, however, do something different in your house and have the attic as your master bedroom. Use the beams of the attic as one of the décor items in your room while exposed attic walls can lend your room a distinct characteristic. Burgundy, white and green are the best colors for master bedrooms since they complement the natural atmosphere in the attics.

Family Rooms

While family rooms have also been large ones in the past, the small space in the attic will make an intimate family room. This generates an intimate family bond and warm cuddles where you will want to spend time with your loved ones in cold evenings. The choice colors for family rooms in the attic are autumn colors like light brown shades to generate an intimate look.

With these ideas, the attic will be transformed into one place you would want to spend most of your time indoors in. Insulation that is professionally installed and with the right R-value will guarantee your attic room remains warm and cozy throughout. With the above ideas, therefore, you need not look for extra room beyond your property’s four walls that will ordinarily cost far more than transforming your attic.


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