Designing Your Entryway the Right Way

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When making decisions regarding interior design, most homeowners focus on the bigger elements of the house. These include windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and accent walls, to name a few. The entryway is often one of the most overlooked spaces, but it’s actually among the most important. After all, this is where you welcome guests into your home. In fact, in many cases, it’s the first part a visitor gets to see when they drop by.

That said, your front doors and windows in your house in Sudbury, Ontario should not be an afterthought. With some smart design tricks and resourcefulness, you can create a space that will surely leave a good first impression. Welcome mats are nice and all, but they’re not enough. Here are some ideas on how to spruce up your entryway:

Draw the attention upwards

It may just be a small area in your home, but it’s the ideal place to define your personal style. Make full use of your available wall and ceiling space to add some elements of style. Not everyone can get a glimpse of your entire house when they visit, so let the entryway speak for your home’s style by adding a statement chandelier, painting the walls with a bold color, or hanging some photo frames with interesting shapes and colors on the wall. If you love traveling, this is the perfect spot to showcase all your unique souvenirs and photos.

Bring some light in

nice front door

Because entryways are usually small in many homes, the lack of light can be a common issue. The best way to add some brightness in this area is by using mirrors to reflect light. This design trick can also make your space look bigger, especially if there are windows on your front door. Angle your mirror directly across your main source of light, so you can add a natural brightness and make your place feel roomier more comfortable.

Pull up a chair

This may sound odd, but it actually works. Most entryways don’t have places to sit, which is only natural since you won’t be hanging out with your guests in this area after all. But this chair isn’t exactly for sitting. You need a convenient place to take off and slip on shoes. It’s also nice to have a spot where you can sort through the mail. Take some time to find the right bench for this area, as there are some available on the market that can also work as an additional storage solution for your shoes, coats, and other small items. This can help keep the interior space look a lot less cluttered.

Finally, make sure everything in your entryway has a place. It’s easy to get cluttered; after all, this is the landing place for your guests, kids, and pests. Think about how the members of your family use the entryway when making plans for your foyer. Add some hooks where your kids can hang their backpacks to keep them off the floor. Create a small space to stash your shoes so you won’t trip over them. Not everything has to be completely organized, but there should be a system in place.


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