DIY Home Improvement Projects to Ease Boredom at Home

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Let’s face it; even with the easing of lockdown restrictions, your summer will not be the same as you may have planned it. The danger of getting infected is always present, and it’s still best to stay at home. However, as much as a lot of people choose to stay at home, they don’t want the fact that they have so much free time.

While many people choose to binge-watch TV shows and movies, why not spend your free time making some home improvements? You can choose to install commercial-grade security window films or retile your bathroom. But if you’re not that handy, here are some projects that are easier to do:

Marie Kondo Your Closets

Marie Kondo is about removing all the clutter in your life, but that could be too much in this crazy world we have right now. So maybe start with your clothes. Go through everything that you have and ask yourself if they spark joy. Get rid of pieces that you haven’t used in a long time or maybe the pair of pants that don’t fit you anymore.

Sometimes clutter starts because you don’t know what you already have, so you end up buying two of the same item. In planning and designing your closet where you can see everything, you won’t commit the mistake of having two pieces of red wine lipsticks at the same time or spending so much time looking for that beige top. Invest in some storage solutions like clear boxes or additional cabinets that can make your day-to-day routines easier.


Start Your Garden

A garden gives you a lot of benefits, one of which is saving money. The money you save would depend on your garden size, family size, and the number of crop variants you have. Gardeners do not only use their crops, but they also sell and trade it. To start your gardening journey, visit your local seed library or a local gardening business to get your seedlings and start-up plants. Make sure to purchase only the ones that you use very often. Save up money on gardening tools by going to thrift stores and garage sales. Joining a gardening group can also help you on your journey. They can give you tips and guide you in your financial harvests.

Give Your Doorways and Walls Some Highlights

Give your house some highlights with paint and some wallpapers. By installing a cute yet sophisticated backsplash wallpaper in your kitchen, you can give your walls some detail with practical use. An easy alternative to painting the whole room is to paint just your doorway and wall trims. Choose a bright color like pink, blue, or black, which can make your moldings pop and look different.

Start with these simple projects and work your way up to bigger ones like restoring an old dresser or reupholstering your favorite chair. Build up your confidence, and maybe after the quarantine, you can turn these projects into something that can give you a business and profits.


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