DIY Home Repair: Four Must-dos for a Beautiful Home

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Autumn is here and it is a good season to do some DIY home projects that the entire family will love. For sure, family and friends alike would like to catch some outdoor fun and even have a beach party right before the wind gets too chilly and winter season officially starts in the last quarter of 2020. It is also a good time to get professional termite control service since the month of August to November is the time when these destructive insects swarm, specifically the drywood and subterranean species. So grab the gear and get ready for some home fixing action. If you need a few ideas on where to start, read on and know why you should start the home project on this list:

Fix the Furnace

A furnace can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time. This normal accumulation can lead a clogging in the filter and, eventually, the overheating of the heat exchanger. Once the exchanger overheats, the entire system will break down and the furnace will be inoperational.

Get up on the Roof

Before any snow or strong chilly wind makes it unbearable to do outdoor work, consider going up the roof to check every tile, brick, and shingle. ; It always makes good sense to work on one’s roof instead of outsourcing it. Based on some estimates, a standard asphalt-shingled roof replacement can set you back by $2,000 to around $6,000 but getting a contractor might get you charged a bill of at least $5,000 up to as much as $12,000.

For safety, make sure to use shoes with rubber soles or a pair of construction safety boots for more protection. Loose shingles need to be removed completely and not returned to its former position. Using a heat gun that can be bought from a construction supply store, soften the edge of curled shingle ends. Use galvanized nails designed for roofs and specially formulated roof cement to hold everything together. ; Make sure to check and seal flashing joints. Do not forget to seal any cracks or worn out areas on the roof to secure your home from rain, snow, and other airborne material that could fall into your home interior.

Check the Doors and Windows

If you have the budget for it, consider installing electrochromic windows that will allow you to collect energy from the sun which, in turn, can be used to supply power to your home appliances or lighting. These specially designed windows have transparent conductors fitted inside the layers of window glass. If you prefer the rot-resistant Ultrex vinyl windows made popular during the 1990s, those are still good choices for well-designed and durable windows.

When it comes to doors, making sure that these are well-maintained is not just an aesthetic issue but an important matter of home security. Check the doorknobs, locks, and hinges for any signs of weakness or normal wear. ; It is normally very easy and affordable to replace these door components. For interior doors such as those used for bathrooms and bedrooms, there are already good-priced prefabricated doors that are easy to install and have varied designs to suit the color and theme of your home interior. ; But if you are into high-tech doors, check out wifi-connected door bells and smart lock systems that are connected to CCTVs or closed-circuit television cameras. This technology is useful especially when you are not at home and a delivery van arrives. Instead of having them leave the package outside the porch, a home owner can use the wifi to control the opening and locking of any door in the house.

Secure the Outdoor Furniture

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Depending on where you live, having outdoor furniture is a must for family entertainment, relaxation, and social activities. If your family lives near the beach, there is no better way to enjoy the sea breeze and sunsets than to lounge on a lawn chair or sofa. Right there, you and your family can enjoy a cup of java early in the morning, or have a barbecue with friends, or just talk and catch up while sitting under the stars. Of course, at certain times of the year, that wonderful set at the outdoor living area needs to be stowed away. Whether it’s torrential rain, summer sun, or winter snow, there is a way to preserve the outdoor furniture but the best way by far is to store them in a dry, covered area.

Perhaps you can top it off by repainting the home interior and exterior with a new color to give the property a new look. Anybody can do it with a good foam paint roller, a paint grid or a tray, some canvass sheets to protect floors from spills and paint droplets, and some good music to dance along to as you roll up and down each wall, gate, and surface inside and outside your home. Above all, learn to enjoy and have fun as you fix your home. Let its look, colors, and style reflect your own personality and vision for your life.


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