Dos and Don’ts When Maintaining a Commercial Space

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Whether you own a new commercial building or an old one, its maintenance is one task you should never take for granted. With regular maintenance, you can check if there are hazards that are threatening the safety of the people inside the building. You can avoid legal issues and lower your repair expenses. This also helps maintain the integrity of your investment and make it last longer.

But then, many building owners fail to carry out their maintenance work the right way. This leads to a bigger repair and maintenance costs. It can also lead to a high tenant turnover, which can affect your business. To avoid this, you can consider the following dos and don’ts:

Make sure to stay on top of safety checks

The best way to maintain a building is to do frequent safety checks. Check the building at least once a month for any signs of wear and tear. Ask your tenants to report to you any problems they may encounter the soonest time possible. It pays to call in different inspectors to check the integrity of the building at least once a year.

Don’t rely on DIY maintenance and repairs

Sure, there are maintenance and repair tasks you and your staff can tackle on your own. But there are projects that you are better off calling the pros for. This is especially true when it comes to any electrical problem. Let a certified industrial electrician work on your electrical jobs to ensure the safety of everyone. They can safely perform electrical system installations, repairs, and even expansions as needed.

Say no to cutting corners


Some people can easily find quick fixes for maintenance jobs. But that does not mean that this is already a good idea to address your current issues at hand. If you fail to deal with the issue as a professional would, you might be in for a more serious repair. This also means that you may be signing yourself up for a heftier maintenance bill. If you can, carry out your maintenance work and repairs the right way to avoid costly consequences in the future.

Don’t forget about your tenants’ rights

Your tenants know their rights, and it is your responsibility to respect those rights. If not, you could be signing yourself up for a legal case. Keep up with your building’s regular maintenance and make sure to listen to your tenants’ complaints. Also, make sure that you give your tenants sufficient notice before building checks, maintenance work, and repair projects.

Invest in visual improvements

Everyone appreciates a clean, organized, and beautiful building. So make sure to also invest in your building’s visual appeal. Make necessary improvements to ensure that your commercial space looks, feels, and smells good. This will help you attract top tenants and retain your old tenants.

How you take care of your building can be an indicator of how you treat the business you are running. Since your building is an asset, you should give it adequate TLC. This way, it can last longer and serve you for more years to come.


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