End of Lease Cleaning: What You Should Know

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If you live in a rental apartment or a leased house, then at some point, you must have thought where you should go once your contract ends. Perhaps it’s for another rental with cheaper rates or a different property with better amenities such as a public pool with its own CO2 pH control systems from companies like Poolsmith Technologies. You might have also considered moving to your own place by securing a home loan.

Regardless of your plans, you will probably need to clean up your unit once your contract finishes its term before leaving. Here are a few things you should know about an end of lease cleaning.

What is End of Lease Cleaning?

Many people are not familiar with the end of lease cleaning, which means many people do not care to read their lease or rent contracts in full detail. These contracts typically require that when your lease is up or if you choose to leave or terminate your contract before the signed date, you need to perform end of lease cleaning to make sure that the property remains in good condition, or at least in the same condition it was before your contract started. Since it’s part of your contract, you are obligated to follow through and clean up the property.

If a tenant leaves and the property is left in less than desirable condition, the landlord should have the right to deduct a specific amount from the security deposit, depending on how much damage was caused to the property. In the worst-case scenario, the landlord can even file a case for property destruction if the tenant managed to damage the unit to the point that professional contractors would need to fix it to be habitable again.

Can I Do End of Lease Cleaning Myself?

The short answer is yes, you can. Choosing to hire a professional cleaner is a matter of choice and circumstance — your financial situation, your actual cleaning skills, and the size and current state of the property to be cleaned. It’s perfectly fine if you prefer to clean the unit yourself, as you won’t need to pay extra for professional assistance. However, it’s not uncommon for these do-it-yourself attempts to fail due to many reasons — you aren’t really familiar with cleaning, you may not have the tools and equipment necessary to perform tasks, or you’re just too clumsy and keep causing accidents that hurt the property more than it helps. Before deciding that you can clean the property on your own, make sure to check the landlord’s standards first so you can judge if you can meet them yourself.

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There are also lease contracts that explicitly require professional cleaning, leaving you no choice but to do so. When hiring a professional cleaner, you should research by checking online reviews or personal experiences of the people who’ve hired a particular contractor. Landlords will usually ask for a receipt to prove that the cleaning was done by a professional, so don’t forget to secure that as well from your chosen cleaners.

While professional cleaning services will not be cheap, it can be less expensive than paying for damages you might cause while trying to deep clean the house without any relevant skills or training. Additionally, doing it yourself means you’ll be buying your own cleaning materials and equipment, plus the time you’ll invest in the cleaning process. Hiring someone else to do it won’t only save you money but also save your time and efforts.

How Long Does an End of Lease Cleaning Usually Take?

There’s no particular length of time for the end of lease cleaning because it largely depends on a number of factors. One important factor is the size of the property. Another important thing to consider is how dirty or cluttered it is. Finally, how skilled your hired cleaners are will also help determine how fast or how slow it takes to complete cleaning up. For instance, a small sub-unit that has accumulated several years’ worth of dirt and grime will take longer to clean than a single-family residence that was regularly taken care of.

If you decide to hire a professional cleaning company, make sure you are on the same page before signing anything. Tell them exactly what you expect them to do, and ask them exactly how much they expect to be paid for those tasks. Good communication is the key to maintaining a good relationship with businesses, so you must be clear and accurate with the information you provide from the beginning. If you are a good customer, there is a good chance the cleaners might even give you a discount or a promo if ever you will get their services again.


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