Three Energy-efficient Ways to Save Money in Your Home

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It no longer comes as a surprise that the cost of living nowadays is much higher than it was a few decades ago. As the prices of commodities in the market continue to rise, so does the cost of utilities like water and electricity. That’s why you can’t blame people for wanting to find ways to save money inside their houses.

However, before you can save more money and energy inside your home, you might have to shell out some cash on the upgrades. This might sound counter-productive at first, but just imagine how much you can save in the long run if only you spent some money on the upfront costs of making the switch.

No one ever made money without spending money anyway. Consider these energy-efficient upgrades as investments that will not only reduce your overall energy use to be better for the environment, but also help you save money because you’re lowering your electric bills. See, it’s a win-win situation. Here’s what you can upgrade:


A lot of homeowners aren’t aware that they’re throwing money out the window by not insulating their house. This is because, without proper insulation, they will be heavily reliant on their HVAC system to provide controlled heating to the entire household.

But what they don’t know is that there are cracks and gaps all over their house where outside air can enter. For instance, when the colder breeze of winter starts blowing, the air from outside might seep into the house through the small gaps in the walls and flooring. This makes it much more difficult to regulate the internal temperature.

However, by adding insulation on your roof, floors, walls, doors, and windows, you will be able to create another layer between you and the natural elements outside. This eases the burden off your HVAC system because you won’t have to crank up the heating every time, which means you can reduce the energy you use to access warmth.

Chilled Water System

water tank

The weather conditions outside constantly change along with the seasons. As much as you would like for it to be winter, spring, summer, or fall all year round, the changes in the seasons allow your centralized heating and air conditioning units to breathe. Plus, it will hardly be your favorite season if you can no longer anticipate it coming.

Your home’s HVAC system may be able to control and regulate the temperature inside, but it can’t do much for your main water supply. Having a boiler is good if you want to have unlimited access to hot water, but it doesn’t go both ways. What if the weather’s hot and you want to have a cold shower at the end of the day?

Fortunately, there’s still a solution to this problem. You can get yourself a chilled water tank at home so that you will always have cold water on demand. This can give you water for cold showers, cooler water for your pool, or even if you just want a cold-water treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Home Automation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, surely, you’ve heard about how modern technology is making homes smarter. Through the process of automation, people can control their entire house with a few taps on their phones. Another way to gain control is by talking to their voice assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa.

You might wonder how making smart upgrades can help you save money and energy. Well to answer your question, you can reduce your energy use by making it easier and more convenient for you as the homeowner. Think of it this way, there would be no reason not to close the lights or switch off the television if you forget because you can do it from your phone.

So many people often forget to turn the lights off when they leave the house in the morning. Or they could be watching TV and fall asleep without turning it off. It could also be that they turned all the appliances off, but forgot to unplug them from the sockets, which can still consume vampire energy.

But if you had smart LED lights or smart plugs that you can control from your phone, you won’t have to exert as much effort to switch these things off. Plus, you can also automate these processes to work on a schedule so you won’t even have to worry about forgetting them. Life would be so much easier if your house had a mind of its own.

Managing your own house shouldn’t be as difficult as it was in the past, and it most certainly shouldn’t be as expensive to maintain. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees. Don’t throw your money away when you could be using it to make upgrades that can help you save money and energy even more.


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