Find Out What Causes Your Roof Leaks and Fix Them

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Have you got leaky problems? It’s time you get down to the root of your roofing problem. Below we list down some common causes of roof leaks. Check out if you can fix your roofing problem DIY style or if you need professional help from a roofing contractor in Orem.

Debris buildup

Twigs, silt, or leaves buildup can trap water against the roof and your gutter. This can result in a capillary action where the roof seeps the water, causing leaks at home.

How to fix: Clear the roof and gutter of debris and prevent buildup by trimming overhanging tree branches.


Removing an antenna or other rooftop installation can lead to holes, which draw water inside your home.

How to fix: Inspect your roof for holes and apply roofing sealant properly.

Faulty flashing

Faulty installation of flashing can result in the thin pieces of metal sliding out of place. This happens when nails are missing. Dry and cracked caulking can also cause roof leaks.

How to fix: For the faulty flashing, pry up the nails used to secure the old flashing. Then, replace the old flashing with a new one. For dry and cracked caulking, gently remove it and replace with new flashing. This time, coat the nail heads with a roofing sealant.

Broken shingles

Heavy rains and high winds can rip shingles off your roof. This results in exposed areas that can cause roof leaks.

How to fix: Replace the damaged shingle with a new one. Pry up the nails off the damaged shingle. Pull the shingle out, and secure a new one with four new nails.

Cracks or gaps in the vents

Damaged roof vent

Vent pipes and plastic vents may crack or have gaps after years of exposure to weather. Leaks from vents may leave dark spots in the area.

How to fix: Slip a tight rubber boot over the area where the pipe peeks out. Secure it with roofing nails on either side.

Valleys with faulty seals

This is an area where two planes of roof intersect. Valleys are usually sloped to divert water away from the roof. If not sealed properly together, this can get the water to enter your house.

How to fix: This is a problem that calls for a roofing contractor in Orem.

Cracked chimney

Missing mortars in joints where the chimney connects with your roof can cause leak problems.

How to fix: Replace the missing mortar.

Condensation in attic

Condensation happens when your attic is insulated or improperly ventilated. Signs of condensation in your attic include mold growth and mildew.

How to fix: Install a ventilation fan and don’t forget to treat the mold and mildew.

Ice dam buildup

An ice dam is a ridge at the edge of your roof. This causes water to pool as the ridge prevents snow from melting and water from draining.

How to fix: Use a roof rake to remove snow from the roof edge. Also, melt the ridge with an ice melt product.

Roof exceeds lifespan

Taking care of your roof can only last you its expected lifespan. Your roof is still prone to wear and tear, hence there will come a time that it needs to be replaced over time.

How to fix: You can determine the average lifespan of the roof based on the material used to cover it. For instance, wood shingles last about 30 years. When you reach that number of years, call your roofing contractor in Orem and let them do the replacement.

Did you find out what’s causing your roof leak problems? Fix it immediately DIY style or with the help of professional.


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