Floor Plan Failures: Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

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It’s a common scenario among first-time homeowners in Salt Lake City and other places in the U.S. Once they’ve signed the papers to move in, they start buying furniture pieces, hire an experienced painting contractor to work on their walls and other fixtures, and start making home décor plans. However, after you and your family move into the new place, you realize that the floor plan is appropriate for you.

It’s not unusual to make mistakes when choosing the right home floor plan that works for you. But to avoid inconveniences, it’s best to be prepared and equipped with the knowledge about these mistakes.

So, if you’ve started your hunt for the perfect home or are getting ready to discuss your ideal floor plan and design with an architect, here are the common mistakes many homeowners commit and the ways you can avoid them:

Assuming that you fully understand floor plan drawings

When you’ve been scouting for your new home, you may have come across floor plan drawings and complex-looking architectural drawings. For many design professionals, these are common, but for many homebuyers, these may look intimidating, with all the symbols and jargons that can be difficult to understand.

It’s totally normal, so don’t assume that you should be able to figure out what each window, stairs, and door swings would look like on paper. Never hesitate to ask if there’s anything that confuses you. You work with the pros for a reason.

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Thinking that all floor plans fit your lifestyle needs

Don’t forget to think about your family’s lifestyle before deciding on a floor plan. When you’re presented with choices, imagine your family making dinner in the kitchen, your children climbing up and down the stairs, and your spouse enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the balcony. Assess all your daily activities and other needs and see how each option works for you. Are open floor plans more ideal or do you prefer having individual rooms with partitions? Is a single-story home a better choice than a multistory one? Think about what makes a home comfortable for your family.

Getting too impressed with the upgrades

Touring model homes is the best way to experience a home’s floor plans before making a purchase. During these tours, it’s easy to get too impressed by all the home staging and upgrades contractors have done. So, make the smart choice and try to imagine everything stripped away – the luxurious finishes, the matching wallpaper and drapery, the high-quality carpet – and just focus on the layout and the way the rooms flow from one to the other. It may be challenging, but this is the right way to choose the most fitting floor plan for you.

Finally, don’t overlook safety. Think about that time you fell in love with a car only to realize that you have an entire family that will not fit in it. The same is true when buying a home, especially if you have children. All the amenities included may seem perfect for a home built for adults, but when you have little ones, these features may need to be modified.


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