Foolproof Ways to Select The Colour Scheme of Your Home’s Exterior

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When bringing your dream home to life, colour can make or break your entire vision. Your exterior paint colours deliver that all-important first impression and can hide minor flaws while highlighting its best features. However, you probably know that painting your home’s exterior can be costly.

This is not only in terms of money, but time as well. So you must get your exterior paint colours right to ensure that they will still look perfect for many, many years to come.

Take into Account Your Home’s Era and Architectural Style

Mid-century modern, contemporary, Victorian, or craftsman? Research specific colours used for homes like yours. While you do not necessarily have to use historically accurate colours – that is unless rules in your neighbourhood or local council say otherwise – don’t get too carried away and consider choosing colours in the same colour family.

Consider Features that Will Be Difficult to Change

If you are not doing a complete remodel, surfaces like the driveway, pathways, stonework, and tiles or house roof shingles will stay the same. Consider these when choosing exterior colours with your house roof painting contractor in Sydney. Look at the undertones of these surfaces.

Check if they are cool or warm and opt for paint colours that can tie all these features together in a seamless manner.

Select a Couple of Paint Colour Shades

colour palette

Basically, an exterior colour palette includes three primary components. The first one is the field colour or dominant colour. The second is accent colour that will be applied on shutters, doors, and other small surfaces.

The third and last is the trim colour to be used on railings, roof edging, as well as door and window casings. Commonly, the colour of the trim must contrast significantly with your field colour. So, if your primary colour is one the darker side, look into a light colour, perhaps classic white, on the trim.

A light primary colour could likewise look striking with dark-coloured trim because this combo will produce that dramatic, crisp appearance. You can opt to with bold colours as your accent colours but tread lightly when doing this.

A door in bright yellow or blue-green is great, but using those hues on gables and shutters might look too matchy-matchy or a bit much.

Plan for The Exact Visual Effect You are Looking For

How does your home exterior relate to the surrounding landscape and the street? Is it nestled amidst tall leafy trees and far from the road? You can opt for a bright or light colour if you want your home to stand out more. Otherwise, if you like to blend in, opt for a darker colour.

Don’t Just Test Colours Using Paint Chips

Like interior paint colours, exterior colours can differ widely from how they look on a paint chip. The best way to test a paint colour is to buy a small can of it and paint it somewhere where you can observe it. Look at it at different times throughout the day and under different lighting and weather conditions.

The specific colours you choose to paint your home’s exterior will – like it or not – establish its presence on your street. So, choose your colours wisely.


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