For First-time Homeowners: Maintaining Your Home for Winter the Sustainable Way

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These days, sustainable living is a common priority for most homeowners. They want to make sure that they live with a lesser amount of waste. This is so they can save money while reducing their costs and live as eco-friendly as possible. But when it comes to sustainable home maintenance, most first-time homeowners struggle to make it work. This is especially true if this is their first time preparing their home for winter. How can one sustainably tackle home maintenance?

First-time homeowners think sustainable home maintenance is costly. But in reality, you can sustainably maintain your home and prep it for winter without going over your budget. Here are simple but cost-effective ways you can do this.

Hire Winter Services from Sustainable Brands

The kind of winter services you will need will depend on the maintenance issues you are facing. For instance, if your house often experiences inches after inches of snow during winter, then you will benefit from hiring a snowplow service instead of plowing snow on your own. You get to eliminate health risks brought about by the snow removal while ensuring you patronize local businesses that also support the same goals.

Make sure your systems are up to date. Hire local professionals to keep your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Check their reviews, ask for recommendations, and choose your options wisely.

No matter the kind of services you will hire, make sure to hire local businesses. This enables you to outsource services from nearby businesses, reducing the required carbon emission they create when rendering the service. The same goes when sourcing the supplies needed for the maintenance.

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Invest in Better Insulation and Energy-Efficiency

No matter the season, it pays to invest in improving your home’s energy-efficiency and insulation. When you invest in energy-efficiency winter upgrades, you can enjoy more energy savings and less energy wastage. The less energy you waste, the better it will be for the environment.

On the other hand, better insulation for winter helps you achieve numerous goals. For one, you can enjoy a warm home for the whole duration of winter minus the increasing energy usage and costs. You can also enjoy reducing noise pollution within the house if you have a well-insulated home.

When it comes to winter insulation, you can invest in sustainable insulation materials like sheep’s wool, cotton or denim, and even icynene. Know your available options and weigh in the perks as well as the drawbacks of each one. Choose one that is less toxic, energy-efficient, and recyclable.

Does your home come with old windows? Why not upgrade to storm windows? You can easily pop them out during summer and snap them back in on your old windows for that extra insulation and wind protection.

As for your systems and appliances, make sure all these are working as efficiently as possible. If you have appliances that are turning a decade old, consider replacing them with smarter and more energy-efficient ones. Once you made the upgrades, choose to get rid of your old appliances as keeping these will only waste space and energy.

Don’t forget about LED and CFL light bulb upgrades. You can reduce your energy usage, enjoy lots of energy savings, and enjoy longer lasting lighting solutions for your home. These are also an ideal lighting solution for your home during winter thanks to their ability to remain unaffected by the extreme cold weather.

Sustainable home maintenance is possible even without the grandest winter upgrades. Knowing exactly what your home needs and what you can do to better prepare your home for the cold season can help you identify which projects are worth investing in. You can consider these tips as your starter guide to start sustainably winterizing your home.


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