Giving Your Backyard a Resort Finish Using Space-saving Pool Designs

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These days, a home is so much more than a place for sleeping and being comfortable. Houses now also serve the purpose of becoming a classroom for homeschooling and an office for remote workers. These additional needs are more glaring owing to the pandemic since most establishments remain sealed off from the public to mitigate the effects of the virus.

Aside from giving people a place to work, study, and rest, residences are now also vacation spots. They can give you a quick escape from the stresses brought by the pandemic.

Although the world has become more or less well-versed in navigating through a pandemic, freely gadding about, especially in public spaces, is still not utterly safe. No matter how comfortable staying at home is, it still can’t give you the relaxing experience you can have at resorts.

To make your stay-at-home summer worth the heat, you can create a mini-resort right in your backyard with these space-friendly pool ideas.

Perfect for Cooling Off

Small backyards can’t accommodate Olympic-sized pools where you can perform a couple of laps. However, when you build plunge pools, you can have a place to cool off and take shade from the summer heat. The very purpose of plunge pools is to give you ample space where you can thoroughly soak your body without making your yard look smaller.

Go Narrow

If you want a pool where you can at least do a few laps in but don’t have the space, going narrow instead of designing it like traditional pools is a perfect choice. By maximizing your outdoor space using a design that showcases an extended length, you can save on the width and use it for your beach chairs and a table.

Design It Like a Garden Fountain

Perfect for individuals who hope to achieve two things at once, but their yard space is at a premium, building a pool with a unique design is the way to go. For instance, garden features often come with little spouts for water displays. By creating a swimming pool inspired by a water fountain, you can have a place to take a dip and enjoy beautiful water displays in your backyard.

backyard pool

Swim with a Great View

Most condominiums come with a spacious balcony where you can even install recliners and a kiddie pool. Still, if you maximize the space with a clever pool design, you can also enjoy a refreshing dip placed a few stories high.

If you’re planning to have one built in your condo or apartment complex, it’s best to contact a business that provides coating services for waterproofing plywood decks. Doing so ensures you won’t damage your floors with moisture. A raised pool design might also work to give you more swimming depth.

Raise It for Added Height

The common problem with tiny swimming pools is that you either can’t dig deeper or extend in length or width. If your problem is the latter, you can easily solve it by raising your pool area. Opting for the above-ground pool design lets you take advantage of the added elevation and combine it with the initial pool height, so you can build a deeper pool and enjoy a dip during hot summer days.

Use Dark Hues for Extra Depth

Besides raising your pool area, there are other ways for it to make it appear deeper. You can play with its depth through illusion by working with darker hues for your bottom pool tiles. Using a darker shade also gives your pool a luxurious finish. To make it look more elegant, adding light fixtures or installing inground lighting around it can stylishly illuminate your tiny swimming pool.

Round Is the Way to Go

Space is the main issue with small outdoor spaces. The best way to maximize it is by following the shape of your backyard when building a pool. Although conforming to the shape of your yard will allow you to take advantage of getting a larger pool area, building it in a classic round design can give you enough room for plunging in without making your outdoor space look crowded.

Build It up Against the Edge

You only need one side of the pool to get in and out of, so if it’s space you want, then you can build it right at the edge of your backyard. Leaving no room for tiles that signify a pool entrance has its own charm. Instead of elaborate tiles, you can give it a bit of height to separate your pool from the path and keep water inside.

Designing your swimming pool with straightforward methods lets you give it a contemporary finish that’s perfect for modern homes. You can take shelter from the heat by having a private pool in your backyard. Space is not a problem with the abovementioned ideas, giving you a perfect place for cooling off during summer days.


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