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People interested in taking up some new hobbies during the lockdowns aren’t that surprising as most people suddenly had more time to be bored and do something to keep from being bored. Suddenly, many people are reading, cooking, baking, and renovating their homes. It was refreshing to see social media feeds filled with photos of people’s gardens and freshly painted rooms after weeks of news about the pandemic. There were also new things like wooden structures that came from oak frame kits.

Of course, distracting yourself from the current crises doesn’t mean you’re ignoring the problem. Still, it’s just a way of you making good use of your free time and prioritizing your mental health rather than stressing over something beyond your control. So, since you’ll be spending more of your time at home, it would be best for you to know which corners of your house you should renovate in case you’re running out of ideas.

Ideas for a Glow-up of Your Home

To give you an idea of how big home improvement was in 2020, 57% of homeowners have joined the home renovation trend, while 66% spent over $1,000 on their projects. Overall, the home improvement industry amassed a total of $84 billion because of this trend.

Fueled by the need for something to do in between Zoom calls and bleak news coming from all corners of the world, more homeowners got into renovating their homes to the point that 71% of them said that they thoroughly enjoyed the process and will likely continue to improve their homes. Here are some of the most renovated and redesigned parts of houses during this trend:

  • Living room haven

Of course, one of the essential rooms in anyone’s house is their living room, which is where homeowners enjoy a fun night watching movies or playing board games with their family. Welcoming guests during the lockdowns might not be the best idea yet, but once you’ve redesigned your living room into something cozier, it would sure be a great time to hang out in your living room. Consider painting on the walls or hanging some wall rugs and art to give your living room more character.

  • Home gardening

It’s no question that plants bring life to any corner of your house. They can be a cool decoration that can give the interior of your home a greener appearance. For your outdoor areas like your backyard, patio, and porch, having some greens would help spice up your house’s look. Besides the aesthetic, gardening also has many health benefits that you can enjoy, from vitamin D exposure to the serotonin boost. Go ahead and put your green thumb to use, and enjoy your gardening days.

  • Smart home automation

An estimated 19% of homeowners have upgraded their homes and installed some smart technologies in them. These would help them control their house’s function remotely while using energy more efficiently. So, if you want to save some energy and pay lower electricity bills while securing your house better with some automated locks and smoke detectors, consider upgrading your house into a smart home.

  • Outdoor dining

Besides putting some plants in your house’s outdoor spaces, adding a purpose to them by putting some chairs, beanbags, coffee tables could also be fun. If you want to be extra, then you can even make a small pool or Jacuzzi. Not only will you have a new place to hang out, but you can also make use of your outdoor spaces. Imagine you’re out on a picnic when you go and hang out in your backyard. After all, these spaces could be the furthest from your house you could be if lockdowns were to happen again.

  • Wall painting

It’s common for homeowners to retouch their house’s paint now and then as they tend to peel off or change colors over time. You may need to prioritize painting on your house’s exterior as these parts are the ones most exposed to sunshine and heat, which damages the paint. Your house’s interior might also need some retouching, or you can even level it up by adding murals. Fresh paint will make your home livelier.

The New Normal Is the Trend You Need

Most businesses are already resuming in-person working, which can signal a return to semi-normalcy. However, the pandemic is still not entirely over, and newer outbreaks are still bound to happen. So, before you think of abandoning your home renovation projects, think twice as if things go south once more. You may need to go back to being handy again.


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