Guidelines for Picking a Floor that Matches Your Home’s Style

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When selecting their home’s style, most people focus on ensuring that the outline, exterior elements, and interior design match their dream. Few will appreciate the impact the wrong flooring will have on the look they labor to achieve. The floor you pick should match the style of your home to guarantee that it works with rather than against other elements. Other people will assume that their flooring is not as important since it will remain covered in carpets.

Although reliable carpet distributors in the UK will undoubtedly have a selection that matches your intended interior décor and overall style, picking the right floor is essential. Carpeting might not cover every spot on your floor, and it is often used as a décor piece in most décor styles. Here are guidelines for picking the right floor for your home’s style:


This style features washed-out or muted palettes that still retain some color. The furnishings and fabrics are layered and textured using single colors in varying tones or two to three different colors. The floor in a Scandinavian-style home reflects a minimalist approach. It will favor wide boards of pale wood and rugs instead of carpeting to add warmth and softness to your interior. Clean and simple lines on your floors should dominate a Scandinavian style.


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This style depends on a through line, which means that rooms have different styles but maintain one shape or color for uniformity. You can, for example, pair a zebra-print rug with floral chairs, provided that the chairs feature the black or white in the rug. It is advisable to have neutral colors for your floors so that you have a wider selection for your furniture. Light porcelain tiles with even and smooth textures can give a clean and modern backdrop to your space.


This style features exposed metal, brickwork, and ducts and gives your interior a traditional feel. Most of the materials used for construction are raw materials, such as brick and wood, that will keep your rooms edgy and natural. This is matched with metallic and ceramic finishes for your appliances and furniture. Distressed wooden flooring or laminate tiles are the ideal flooring options. Bold property owners can opt for cement flooring or cement-like tiles.


People assume that the contemporary style is the same as the modern one. The contemporary design is, however, the trendy one; the modern one has its roots in the late 1800s. Open floor plans, hard flooring, and neutral shades with one accent color are some of the elements of contemporary designs. Neutral floors like tile or wood in light finishes are the ideal picks since these will make your interior look airy and open. Smooth and bare floors devoid of rugs and carpets are also hallmarks of the contemporary style.

The right floor will be the perfect finish for your home’s style. It is thus prudent to shop your flooring from a store that has a broad range of options. This way, you are guaranteed to pick a floor that will match your home’s style from the ones mentioned above and other elements that might affect its durability and functionality.


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