Here’s What Your Customers Look For In a Lawn Care / Landscaping Company

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The landscaping (including lawn care) industry has a total revenue of around $99 Billion, with over 1 Million employees, and more than 500,000 businesses. In other words, the landscaping industry is as lucrative and in demand as it is abundant and competitive. With the abundance of landscaping and lawn care businesses in the market, customers are tasks to be more stringent with their selection process to pick the one that best suits their needs and standards.

As such, there have been many guides and articles popping up online geared to help customers in choosing the best landscaping company. In this regard, we’ll be taking a look at these qualifications and factors that your landscaping or lawn care company should possess to improve your competitive edge and increase the chance of being chosen by potential clients:

Reputation and Reviews

Many residential clients would prefer choosing their landscaping services from referrals, or if they see their neighbors having a pristine and beautiful lawn being taken care of a particular company. But more practical clients, as well as commercial clients, prefer doing their research by taking unbiased reading reviews about the company online. The best way to have a good reputation (and good reviews) is through customer satisfaction. Never compromise on quality and always deliver what your customer expects of you. If customers are dissatisfied, it’s best to find ways to make it up to them. After all, it sometimes only takes just one bad review for a potential client to “disqualify” your brand from being chosen.


Pricing can be a tricky issue. If you offer it too low, customers may think that they’ll pay for what they get — cheap service. On the other hand, if you charge too high, you’d be limiting your target market to those that can afford it. As such, you should be wary of how much your competition charges and set your price in a reasonable range. You can offer packages and place higher price tags for more premium services. One way to go about this is by providing free quotes online for your services, and also have a trained and knowledgeable representative provide your potential clients about the deals you provide for services and packages.

Licenses and Certifications

Whether you’re a new or experienced landscaping company, having permits and certifications can make a huge difference. We’re not just referring to business licenses, but licenses to perform certain services that need licensing and qualifications to perform (such as pesticide and fertilizer application). It also wouldn’t hurt to have other industry qualifications and certificates that can help boost your reputation and make your brand look more qualified and professional than the rest.

Insurance and Contingencies

It’s essential that your landscaping company and its employees are insured, as no customer or clients want to be liable if your staff gets injured on their property while working. Additionally, it’s also important to let customers know that you have contingency plans in place; for example, you have an extra set of tools and equipment in case the one being used breaks down. Or that you have at least the spare parts and expertise to repair it as soon as possible. So you may want to hire or partner with someone skilled in repairing lawn maintenance and lawn care equipment, and also have a local supplier in Ohio for spare parts such as compression springs for lawnmowers.


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While it’s not necessary for your landscaping company to possess all these qualifications, credentials, and features, they can undoubtedly improve your chances of getting clients. But if you’ve noticed that competition has started to become a bit more intense, it may be time to up your game and ensure that you have all these qualities that every potential landscaping client is looking for.


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