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Do you love keeping your home squeaky clean? Good for you! According to research, some homeowners simply hate cleaning. Many people would lie about cleaning their homes. As for others, they would rather throw, replace, or hide clutter instead of doing a thorough home cleaning.

Why Most People Hate Cleaning

Everyone has their own reasons for having such a dirty little secret. For one cleaning takes a considerable amount of time. Many would rather rest and take their extra time off with family and friends rather than do household chores. Others simply don’t have enough time to clean. Some suffer from dust allergy. But for the rest of us, we often skimp on home cleaning because we would rather procrastinate than get things done on time.

Thankfully, many services are made available these days that make home cleaning a piece of cake. No matter your reason for hating cleaning, you can always hire professionals to do the dirty job for you. You can always hire them to do a thorough carpet cleaning job, a deep home cleaning, or disinfection. You can even hire services before you move in or out of a house or even to clean up after a home renovation.

Lessons We Can Learn From Professional Cleaners

Know that no matter what your relationship with home cleaning may be, there are ways you can make cleaning more fun and manageable. Lucky for us, some pros are very much willing to share their secrets to a quick and efficient home cleaning. Here are some home cleaning lessons you can consider keeping in mind.

First, Prep Yourself for Success

Start by having the right cleaning tools and cleaners at hand. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to shed hundreds of dollars just to buy fancy gadgets and every single cleaner type available in the market. Keep your tools in one place so you don’t need to make multiple trips to the closet just to grab the items you need.

According to apartment therapy, you only need ten cleaning tools to get the job done. This includes your wiping tools like your sponge, white towel, microfiber cleaning cloth, and your squeegee. A nice bucket can be a flexible clean up tool and supplies holder while a spray bottle is good to have so you can easily apply your cleansers. Don’t forget your broom and dustpan, mop, toilet brush, multipurpose scrubber, and an old toothbrush for detail brushing. If you have an old vacuum, do use it to make dust and dirt cleaning easier.

As for your cleansers, you only need four. One is a power abrasive cleaner to scrape away dirt, hard water deposits, stains and tarnish. For your tiles, you will need a tile cleaner. Keep your glass and other surfaces shiny with a light-duty evaporating cleaner. For tough grease and grime, a heavy-duty degreaser will do.


Move from the Back of the Room Toward the Exit

If you are cleaning the whole house, clean it from top to bottom. If you are covering multiple floors, bring all your supplies with you and start from the farthest room on the highest floor. Keep in mind that cleaners avoid circling a room more than once to avoid wasting time and energy.

Do the Bathroom First

Are you cleaning the bathroom? Then it would be best to clean this area first. Tackling the most time-consuming task will help you get the dirtiest and wet area done first. This also helps you avoid making unnecessary spills and leave wet footprints on your already cleaned floors.

Don’t Do the Cleaning Alone

Most professional cleaners work in teams. This makes their job easier and faster but requires lesser effort. This only means there is no reason for you to do the entire house cleaning if you don’t live alone.

A survey shows that 78% of people fight over home cleaning and maintenance. If you make cleaning the house a whole family affair, then you won’t have to stress about being the only one trying to keep the house clean. Involving all capable members of your household in cleaning has its perks. For one, they will think twice about making a mess since they too are involved in cleaning. Second, they will learn the importance of keeping the house clean and organized at all times.

Cleaning may not be the easiest and the most enjoyable task a homeowner can have. But one cannot deny that it is imperative to keep a home clean and organized. The next time you are thinking twice about doing home cleaning, you can consider these home cleaning tips from the pros.


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