Home Design Choices that are Both Functional and Cost-Effective

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Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars designing their homes to make them warm, inviting, and welcoming. But if you’re not keen on spending money on items that are purely for aesthetic purposes, fear not. There are fixtures in your home that may not only have aesthetic value but also serve a cost-effective function in your home.

Window Furnishings

Did you know that modern window furnishings can help you save on electricity? During the winter, window furnishings can help with insulation by blocking heat from escaping through the cracks of windows. In the summer, the furnishings can block sunlight from penetrating windows and heating the inside of the home.

Either way, window furnishing can lower electricity costs by reducing the need for heaters and air conditioners to work overtime to keep the home to a certain temperature. With proper insulation, a homeowner can save up to 11% off their monthly electric bill.

Indoor Plants

Skip the fake plastic plants and decorate your home with a few indoor plants. These can do two things in your home: purify indoor air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen, and repel unwanted insects in your home. Some of these plants are even edible and can grow by a window near your kitchen. To name a few:

  • Basil – herb great for food and repelling flies and mosquitoes
  • Chrysanthemums – purifies the air and repels ants, roaches, ticks, lice, fleas, and bedbugs
  • Lemongrass – filled with citronella that smells good for humans but repels insects
  • Rosemary – herb for food; repels mosquitos, silverfish, and moths

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LED Lights

Give your home brighter lights that last longer and cost you less by investing in LED lights instead of regular light bulbs. LED lights have a longer lifespan, are more energy efficient (spending more of its electricity on light rather than heat), and are much brighter than an incandescent bulb. With less electricity used to create brighter light, you can save a fraction of the cost when you switch to LED. And whether you want a bright white or a warm yellow for your home, LED lights do not need gels and filters to have a different color, so the quality of the light will not change over time.


Some people may not want the additional cost or effort required to install a slipcover on their sofa, but they may find their sofa’s wear and tear going slower if they cover it with a slipcover. Slipcover is designed to fit a couch perfectly so that it’s draped and tucked into the sofa as a second skin.

Slipcover protects a sofa’s fabric from normal wear and tear. It also protects your sofa from external factors like pet hair, dirt, and sharp materials that can destroy it or quickly ruin its quality. And given that many businesses that make slipcovers offer customizable services, you can choose a fabric pattern that goes well with the rest of the room. So, every time you redecorate, you don’t have to worry about your sofa’s original fabric clashing with the rest of the room.

To make the most out of your decorations, they should be both aesthetically pleasing while still providing some function to help your home. These decorations can help you save money or reduce the wear of your furniture.


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