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With spring coming up soon, it’s time for homeowners to start planning the maintenance work they have to do in preparation for the new season. Some maintenance tasks are suitable for spring since the winter weather might have damaged some parts of the house.

If you need help from service providers to work on the house, you should tell them to follow health protocols since the virus is still out there. You should ask them to wear a mask and limit interactions with them.

The following are some maintenance tasks you have to do to prepare for spring.

Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Spring typically brings rain with it, so it’s important to check all the house’s gutters and downspouts. You can start working on the gutters and downspouts once the winter frost has melted. Make sure they are not clogged with debris, such as leaves and branches. Leaves and branches will rot if you don’t remove them, and they will attract insects and other critters into the house.

Due to this, it’s important to clean or repair them. If necessary, you can replace the rain gutters to ensure water flows freely when the spring rains come. The downspout should also point water away from the house to prevent them from accumulating around the home’s foundations.

Check the Roof

Since you are already up there, you can also check the roof for any damage caused by the winter weather. While you can prevent ice dams from forming on the roof, there are instances when the weather takes its toll on the roof.

So, you should visually inspect the roof. You should look for damaged metal pipes, missing shingles, and anything that does not seem to belong on your roof. If you see something amiss, you can call a roofer to inspect the roof closely and repair it if necessary.

Check the Air Conditioner

When you prepared for winter, you had to check the heating system of the home. When spring comes, you can expect warmer weather. It might even be possible for spring to be warmer than usual due to shifts in the seasons caused by climate change.

With this in mind, you should check your air conditioning system. You even have to change the filters to ensure they’re clean and don’t block the flow of air. You can even schedule professionals to inspect the air conditioning and fix it if necessary. Just make sure to let them follow proper health protocols if they enter your house.

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Check the Driveways and Pathways

Checking the driveways and pathways is another maintenance task you should perform in preparation for spring. The continuous freezing and thawing effect can harm asphalt, concrete, and other materials used on the driveway. It can cause cracks to form. And in some cases, these cracks will grow to cause the driveway to become uneven.

Due to this, you should walk around the property and check the driveway and pathways for any damage. You can call a professional to repair any damage on the driveways and pathways. While it’s good enough to patch an asphalt driveway or pathway, you have to replace concrete if the damage is extensive.

Repaint the Exterior

Similar to the roof, winter weather can cause the paint to blister and peel. This is caused when interior condensation meets the cold temperature of the exterior of the house. Due to this, you need to repaint some parts of the home.

Repainting the exterior of the home is best done during spring. The mild weather of spring allows the paint to set properly before it dries. If you paint the house in summer, the paint will dry too fast and prevents it from setting properly. On the other hand, winter is not a good time to paint the home due to potential cracks in the finish when the paint freezes due to the cold.

Check the Exterior Woodwork

You should also check any exterior woodwork you have at home. These include fences, trellises, wood decks, railings, and pergolas. You should check if you need to reseal or stain them again. Sealing or staining woodwork allows them to last longer since it protects them from the weather.

You can also use this opportunity to repair them. You should also check the areas where the woodwork touches the ground. Look for any signs of rotting or possible termite infestation. If you see signs of termites in these areas, you should get in touch with a licensed pest control professional to take care of the problem and prevent it from becoming bigger.

Maintenance work in preparation for spring is important to ensure you won’t have any issues when the seasons change.


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