Home Makeover: Keeping the House Clean as You Improve It

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Giving your home a makeover can be extremely fun, especially since most of us are stuck inside our houses right now due to the pandemic. Renovating your house, no matter how simple the task might be, can also result in a lot of mess. Paint can get on your floors and furniture, debris can get stuck in between corners, and even your clothes can get ruined if you are doing the work yourself. Construction projects can also trigger allergies of family members, making the entire process more problematic.

Renovating should not be a nerve-racking experience. It should help you relax and feel better. If you want to reduce the chances of stressing out during a makeover, here’s how to keep the place clean while adding improvements:

1. Always Plan.

This step applies not just to home renovation but to any project you will handle in the future. Planning includes determining possible actions and consequences that could happen as you renovate the house. A lot of people make the mistake of only thinking about what happens during the makeover, when the right thing is to prepare for what you should do before, during, and after the renovation.

By making arrangements for all three time periods, you allow yourself to have enough time to put those plans into action. Planning should be done carefully, and every detail should be taken into account to ensure that your home improvements will finish the way you want to.

2. Pack what needs to be packed.

Leaving things lying around or uncovered while a renovation is ongoing will undoubtedly lead to unwanted damages. You can purchase vacuum-seal plastic bags to contain your essential items and protect them from harmful situations. It is not uncommon for water leaks and dust particles to ruin unprotected objects as construction carries on, so investing in resealable bags should be better than having to buy new items altogether.

Resealable bags come in different sizes, so keep that in mind when buying them. You might want to purchase multiple packs to keep more of your things safe from renovation effects

3. Make sure everything is appropriately labeled.

If you already bought containers to box up your items, the next step is to label them. You can use a marker and packaging tape to write labels on each container. Putting labels makes moving back in easier because you can prioritize better. For instance, you probably want to unpack the box that includes your things instead of the basement figurines you want nothing to do with.

Some people feel uncomfortable labeling their boxes because it makes it easier to know which ones contain valuable stuff, which can attract wrongdoers. To fix this, you can use codes that only your family would understand. You can also choose to label only the items that easily break by marking them fragile.

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4. Try to have a daily cleanup.

Renovating the house will not be done 24/7, as even the most diligent workers will need to rest eventually. Take this time to set up a daily cleanup schedule to sweep off the dirt and debris in the house. By cleaning the house in increments, you will avoid facing a massive accumulation of mess after renovation is done.

When doing your daily cleanup, remember that dust particles can easily be moved to other rooms, so don’t just focus on the space being renovated. Spread out your cleaning to adjacent rooms to make sure your cleanup is done efficiently.

5. Leaving the house temporarily is an option.

Most homeowners do not consider renting out as an option during a home renovation. Some don’t like it because it means added expenses, while others do not trust the contractor enough to leave the house in his (or her) complete care for an extended time. There are times, however, when moving out temporarily is the best option.

Health concerns would be the top reason why a family might consider renting out while their house is getting fixed. Renovating walls and flooring can result in a lot of dust and wood chips, and it’s common for children to be allergic to both.

If the renovation involves a spa pool or any hot water system, there is also a small chance of catching legionella bacteria. While paying for risk assessment services is always a good investment, moving your family away from possible danger shouldn’t be something to think twice about.

Overall, you can do something to keep your house clean during a renovation. These recommendations can help ensure that your home makeover will improve not just your house but also your cleaning habits.




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