Home Renovation Checklist: Which Projects Should You Do First?

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painting a window frame

Home renovations can often be costly and time-consuming, so some homeowners understandably put off renovation projects until they have enough budget or money.

However, if you are looking to increase the value of your property so you could sell it or have it rented, you shouldn’t postpone fixing or replacing several areas of your home. Leaving leaky faucets, broken garage doors, or clogged ducts as they are may only cost you more down the road or, worse lower the value of your home.

The good news here is that you don’t have to fix everything all at once. It is perfectly fine to renovate first areas that boost your property’s worth or those fixes that really matter to you.

Here are some home improvement projects you might want to put high up in your to-do list:


Replacing or fixing your roof should always be the first item you need to tick off in your home improvement list. How you go about it actually depends on what sort of problems your roof has. So it’s crucial you need to check for visible damage first, especially if you have been experiencing leakage or if your roof is already old.

HVAC Systems

Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable, and one huge part of ensuring just that is having a functioning heating and cooling system.

However, a small HVAC system may not be enough to bring you the level of comfort you need. According to duct cleaning service professionals, you don’t want a too big system, too, as they consume much more energy and are trickier to clean.

In this case, you need to find the right HVAC system that can meet your needs. If you’ are satisfied with your HVAC system now, it’s still better to have it inspected for any leaks or clogs so it can run smoothly.

Bathroom, kitchen, and dining areas

modern kitchen with kitchen island

Bathrooms, kitchen, and dining areas are the arguably most used spaces in any home. This is why they are prone to misuse, which means they should be on your priority list too.

Bathroom or kitchen modeling can be pretty expensive, though, so you need to stick to your budget. It’s better to have a design plan already, rather than improvising while in the middle of your renovation project.

For example, decide what type of material you want for your kitchen counter top backsplash before you even start the remodeling. With a final design already in mind, you will be able to look for a cheaper supplier and not be tempted to buy other expensive materials.

Interior design and curb appeal

Lastly, don’t forget about changing the design of your interiors or the look of your home’s facade. Your home should reflect who you are or, if you’re renting the property out, functional for anyone living in it. If your home’s interior design or exterior appeal doesn’t bring you joy or fun anymore, then it’s time for a makeover.

Again, don’t forget that what you fix first in your home is up to you, your preferences, and your budget. But if your home is due for some serious renovation, these are the areas you need to focus on first.


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