Home Repair during COVID-19: Basics Homeowners Need to Keep Track Of

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There are a lot of things that are unavailable during the pandemic, but there are things that people shouldn’t be held from. For instance, a person that falls sick during COVID-19 should be taken care of, even if it’s not the coronavirus they’re suffering from.

If you have a home and it’s in need of repairs, you most certainly would call on companies depending on what that specific need is. If it’s window repairs, then you call a company specializing in windows. If it’s pest control, you’ll most likely call someone from Rogue Pest Solutions or other trusted service companies. There are a lot of things you might notice when at home, but you should always prioritize your safety.

If you’re stuck at home and you need repairs done, you should make sure that the repair workers are following proper rules. Here are some other things you should know about repairs during the pandemic.

Wearing a Mask is a Must

It goes without saying that people who choose to work at your home should wear a mask. It’s been recommended at the start of the pandemic — masks help prevent the virus from spreading by slowing it down, but you shouldn’t just wear it without doing it properly.

Wear your mask so that it covers your mouth and nose. It should also be comfortable on the sides of your face. If you can’t breathe properly, you’re not doing it right. If your mouth or nose is exposed, you’re not doing it right either; it shouldn’t go to your neck or chin, or even over your head. That’s the right way to get COVID-19 even if you’re wearing a face mask.

Shelter in Place while at your Place

Wearing face masks are only part of what you should do. The proper way of accommodating people coming into your home is to help them keep their distance. If you have further instructions for them, do it but while keeping apart from them. You should follow these as most safety protocols have it written along with other instructions.

If you’re going to have contractors on your home, you have to make it clear to them that they wear masks and other safety gear or there’s no deal. You should also try to keep away by staying in another part of your home while they work in a certain part.

Keep your Hands Clean at All Times

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By now, you should know how to wash your hands and keep them clean when someone is at your home. You should also let them know that this is a non-negotiable part of the deal; washing hands and keeping yourself clean should be done before and after work.

It’s a possibility that their bosses are strict about this, but if they’re not, always gently remind them of it. You should both keep a handy bottle of sanitizer with you at all times. This keeps you and the workers safe and protected from droplets and other unseen spreaders.

Stay apart while staying at home

While it was already suggested in this article that staying apart saves lives, which repair work will make you stay at home with the repairmen? When the work goes on outside, it’s easy to keep a distance from the workers. If it’s something electrical in nature or a plumbing issue, then that’s something you’ll have to adjust to while at home.

When the repair job concerns a clogged toilet or a drain, try to stay at the porch area or in your backyard while keeping an eye on the workers. The same goes if your aircon is busted or you have some line issues.

Negotiate to Keep the Work Times Limited

Repairs in your home may take the whole day to finish, or it may only take a few hours to a half. It might also involve a crew or a single repairman to get the job done. If you could, choose to keep the work hours to a minimum so that you lessen your exposure to other people.

There’s simply no other solution, especially if the location of repair is inside your home. If it must take a few hours, lessen the unnecessary chatter with the repair crew to let them focus on getting the job done as quickly as they can.

Keeping your distance and lessening the time you’re with the repair crew is all you really can do to keep yourself safe during the pandemic. Just remember to focus on getting your money’s worth on the job while adhering to safety protocols. The name of the game is safety, and you must win the game.


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