House Maintenance Checklist to Prepare for the Winter

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Excited for the winter? Dreaming about the hot baths and snow angels is one thing. But becoming prepared for the cold is another.

recent study found that 94% of temperature-related deaths are associated with cold weather. Naturally, you’ll want to keep yourself warm as much as possible to survive. But is your house prepared to give you the warmth you’re aching for?

Before you take out the oversized sweaters, there are tons of home maintenance tasks to complete first. Ditch the usual winter problems with the help of this maintenance checklist. Learn how to prepare as early as today. Read on.

#1: Inspect and Clean your Gutters

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your gutters? Watch out. Leaves and twigs are likely to be stuck there. Clean your gutters at least twice a year. The first is in spring, just before the rainy season begins. The next is during the fall, just in time before the winter hits.

Since gutters drain water from your roof, they are needed to keep the snow away, too. Leaving them clogged will lead to ice buildup that can damage your roof.

Luckily, there are different ways to keep your gutters clean. The first is by going up through a ladder and scooping out the dirt manually. Other easier methods involve the use of a vacuum or a garden hose.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to complete the task early on. After all, you can’t expect to do gutter works once winter arrives. The cold could be hard to deal with. Plus, the roofs are also likely to become slippery. You can hire experienced gutter cleaners if you think you’re running out of time.

#2: Repair your doors and windows

Noticing fogs on your windows? Stressing over your squeaking doors? Sure, these common door and window problems might seem tolerable for now. But wait ‘till the winter comes.

As the temperature gradually decreases, keeping yourself warm is sure to become a challenge. No longer can the hoodies save you. Nor can the thick jumpers do the trick. To ditch the colds and frostbite, it’s best to repair your drafty doors and windows before the winter starts.

Normally, drafty doors can be fixed by installing a door sweep. This seals the gap between the door and the threshold. You can also seal possible gaps by applying weather strips to the sides and top of the door.

Meanwhile, drafty windows can be fixed using rope caulk. You can also take advantage of plastic films from the local stores to insulate your windows during the winter.

If you want to ditch the extra effort, you can call for immediate door and window replacement, too. This will save you time and energy. Plus, the new doors and windows can add glam to the upcoming holidays.

#3: Clean and prepare your chimney

Chimney sweeper

Imagine spending winter without your humble chimney. You’ll miss the chance to share spooky stories in front of the gentle fire. You can’t even read a good book in front of the fireplace anymore. To make the matters worse, your nights are sure to become cold and dreary.

To avoid experiencing these scenarios, it’s best to keep your chimney in top shape before the winter arrives. Similar to your gutters, you’ll need to regularly clean the area to keep it functional. You can use a shovel to scoop out dirt and debris from the fireplace. Once done, use an ash vacuum to suction up the remaining dirt.

A thorough inspection must also follow. This will allow you to assess the overall health of your chimney. Often, missing bricks and cracks may demand immediate chimney solutions. Luckily, many companies now offer professional repair and maintenance services. Don’t mind the chimney repair cost; the benefits are worth the money you will spend.

#4: Prep your pipes

Cold weathers are the ultimate enemy of your pipes. When exposed to freezing temperatures, pipes may freeze and cause major water leaks. Naturally, you’ll want to prep them properly for the winter.

To do so, you’ll need to follow the right steps. The first move is to shut off all your outdoor faucets. These include those that are in your patio and garden. Once done, the next step is to drain the water from your pipes. You can do this by opening their bleeder cups.

Finally, you can insulate the pipes using strips of pipe wrap. Just make sure that you’ll focus on pipes that are located in unheated places. These include the attics, basements, as well as crawl spaces.

You can also hire professional plumbers in case you want to ditch the hassles.

Think your house could withstand the freezing temperatures? Prepare your home in advance with the help of this pre-winter maintenance guide. Start preparing as early as today.


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