House Training Puppies: Common Issues, Common Owner Fails

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A French Bulldog resting on furniture

Having pets around your house is one of the best experiences that anyone could ever have. Aside from being the best companions, they also have several health benefits that could make you fall in love with them even more. But there’s one catch about owning puppies that make some people think twice about it.

Housetraining is a challenge for most dog owners. It’s even harder for people who have full-time jobs. They need to have enough time to address the issues that many dog owners face during the entire process.

But some pet owners want to know how to handle specific setbacks when it comes to house training. Here are a few of the everyday house training issues you may have to face when house training a pet.

Dog repeatedly soiling in the same spot.

Did you ever notice your dog going to the same spot over and over again? There’s an immense chance that your dog’s nose is still picking up on their leftover urine smells. Since a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 stronger than regular humans, their nose can pick up any scent that our noses don’t usually notice.

So if your dog smells urine in a specific spot, they won’t hesitate to urinate in the same area over and over again. To get rid of the protein left from their urine, you can apply an enzymatic cleaner in the area to remove the stains. There are other products for pet stain removal in Provo, Utah that you can use to clean various spaces in your home, especially your carpets.

Accidents while you’re not at home.

Generally, a pup’s bladder can only hold water for at least an hour for every month of their age. So, your two-month-old puppy can only hold their bladder for at least two hours. It can be an issue, especially if you’re in the workplace.  Healthy Pets suggest never leaving your un-housetrained puppy alone. You can ask a friend or even a neighbor to watch over your dog and take him out during the day. You can also hire a dog sitter when you’re not at home.

Your dog won’t go potty even if you bring them outside.

A smiling pug

It’s not uncommon to see puppies getting interested in everything that they see except for going to the bathroom. Puppy Leaks says that there are several reasons why your puppy doesn’t go potty whenever you bring them out. Some dogs want to go out because they want to explore and play.

There’s a chance that they don’t have the urge to go to the bathroom at all.   So, try to gauge the time that your dog usually goes to the bathroom and schedule it from there. Also, you need to be specific with your command. If you want your dog to go outside only to go to the bathroom, then use the command solely for that purpose.

Owning a dog is not an easy task. Remember that you’ll be in control over someone else’s life. So, you need to be responsible for it, so they’ll live the rest of their lives happy.


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