Household Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Remember

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Your house is likely to experience a few flaws over the years, and you need to fix them before they cause significant damages. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a construction contractor, plumber, or carpenter to keep your house in good shape for years.

Here are practical household maintenance tips you need to implement:

Repair Noisy Flooring

Squeaking noises are common in wood flooring. The noise is generated when flawed floorboards rub against nails or the underlying plywood as you walk. Thus, you need to find the culprit joist and apply a lubricant to it. If the noise persists, screw the area with a low-profile screw that has a trim head. This will help protect your flooring from further damages. You could also hire a contractor to inspect and repair the noisy parts.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system might develop problems after years of continuous use. Examples of issues are thermostat faults, wear and tear, strange noises, damaged breakers, or poor airflow, among others. It is easier and affordable to solve these problems at an early stage before the problem gets worse.

Therefore, you need to inspect your unit periodically to note any warning signs. If your HVAC is not functioning as required, you should hire an experienced HVAC contractor for repairs.

Insulate Your Windows

If your windows have single panes, you should consider adding extra insulation to reduce your energy bills. Double or triple-pane windows are energy-efficient options you should consider. They can help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year. You can also opt to use cellular shades if you don’t want to add panes to your windows. Discuss your needs with a competent remodeling contractor for guidance.

ReGrout or Recaulk Your Tiles

Grout or caulk is used as a filler between tiles. Hence, if you have tiles in your bathroom, living room, or kitchen, it is important to inspect them regularly because the filling tends to fall off over time. This will cause your tiles to crumble or move. It could also encourage the growth of mold between your tiles.

You can wash off the mold with a bleach solution. If this doesn’t make a significant difference, you should regrout or recaulk your tiles to give them a fresh look and eliminate mold.

Flush Your Water Heater

Your water heater always accumulates minerals or debris at the bottom after some time. Over time, the sedimentary buildup could cause the interior parts of your water heater to corrode. This tends to make your unit work harder, which will result in high energy bills. Your water heater will also produce strange noises due to the dirt particles moving. Therefore, it is vital to hire a plumber to flush and clean your water heater and storage tank at least once a year.

installing roof gutters

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts collect debris from falling trees and branches, which can block the flow of water when it rains. This usually leads to standing water in your roof, resulting in water damage. If your downspouts are clogged, water from the gutter might flow to the walls and cause water damage on your siding or pools of water in your yard during heavy rains.

Look for Signs of Termite Damage

It is vital to inspect your house for potential termite damage inside and outside your home. Look at the woods in your house for any signs of weakness. If you note an alarming sign, you should call a pest control expert immediately to pray and recommend measures to prevent further damage.

Household maintenance includes all the procedures to protect the appearance and structural integrity of your home. This guide provides you with useful strategies that can help keep your house in good condition without breaking the bank.


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