How Can You Reduce the Allergens in Your Home?

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Allergens can be a real bummer and even a health concern if your household is full of them. That is already a risk if you have asthma, allergic rhinitis, or any other condition that makes you sensitive to these allergy-inducing components. Still, it’s also a hassle that can affect anyone if there is too much build-up. To keep your home comfortable and easy to breathe in, make sure you heed these allergen-busting methods.

Make sure to keep your ventilation in check.

Inadequate ventilation can be dire and make indoor air pollution insufferable. Make sure you have proper exhausts in your kitchen and bathroom, keep the filters in your HVAC system clean and debris-free, and make sure you don’t skip out on air duct cleaning services.  That is crucial for making sure that air circulates well and doesn’t cause too much humidity. Getting good air in and out and properly distributed can make a world of difference in keeping things indoors breathable.

Avoid or consistently clean prone surfaces.

Thick fabrics piled up, shaggy carpets, full-floor rugs, the like. These are all big proprietors for allergens because they catch a lot of dust and debris that builds up over time captured in all of that. An easier route would be to nix these things and opting for smooth flooring and easily washable light curtains. If you still have them anyway, it will be necessary to clean them properly and consistently vacuum them to prevent piled on allergens.


Keep any pets well-groomed and assign spaces.

As much as furry friends are lovable, they are also some of the biggest allergy triggers because of their dander. Proper grooming can keep things more manageable, but it’s still best to make sure that your pets (especially the furrier variations) stay away from fabric furniture and the bedroom. It’s especially important to remember that no furry pet is truly wholly hypoallergenic.

Minimize pollen sources.

Pollen allergies are quite common, and unfortunate instances can happen during pollen-heavy seasons. The best way to keep the home free of this issue is to avoid keeping doors and windows open for too long so that outside pollen doesn’t get into the home. If you have houseplants, it may be best to avoid the kind that flower since that can be a big trigger. Using dehumidifiers and air conditioning can also do wonders to keep it at bay.

Prevent water damage that can cause mold.

Mold is one of the most problematic things you can have in your house, and arguably among the more dangerous allergens that can affect anyone (even those who don’t have other allergies). Usually, mold in the home grows because of water damage that can come from leaks in your plumbing, HVAC, or rainwater. Preventing moisture with good temperature management can prevent this along with proper maintenance of your plumbing and air conditioning.

If you regularly tick these off your to-do list, you should be able to enjoy an allergen-free household. You can have a better atmosphere for your loved ones to live and breathe in.


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