How Epoxy Coating Can Make Your Concrete Floor Look Its Best

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Man putting epoxy on the floor

Just like in any part of the house or building, your flooring also needs some kind of protection so it can last for many years. For one thing, a building’s flooring is very much used to heavy foot traffic. Over the years, it can lead to deterioration and would need replacing it after some time.

One way to protect your flooring is by applying an epoxy coating on the flooring. It is usually applied on concrete floors to make it more durable and smooth-looking. Plus, it can ensure the flooring’s longer lifespan. Home improvement stores in Utah offer garage epoxy coating that is suitable for commercial, industrial, and even for residential use.

Epoxy flooring clothing is used to protect hardy garage floors. Gone are the days where the garage is solely used for parking your family car. In fact, some garages have become an extension of a family’s living space. Epoxy coating can help turn plain-looking concrete garage floors into durable, elegant, and shiny flooring.

Epoxy can help improve the overall look of your flooring, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, medical, or residential use. It also comes in different colors that will suit your personal taste and preference.

Types of epoxy coating

equipment used for epoxy painting

There are actually different kinds of epoxy coating — solvent-base, water-based, and solid. The solvent-based coating has around 40 to 60 percent of solid content and can be easily absorbed by the surface for better coating and adherence. It is available in different colors you can choose from according to your needs. However, make sure to wear a mask or respirator while applying the epoxy coating.

Water-based epoxy, on the other hand, also contains around 40–60 percent solid content. But unlike solvent-based coating, this one does not contain dangerous fumes that can compromise your health. You can use this one instead if you find using solvent-based epoxy rather dangerous to health.

Solid epoxy also does not contain hazardous chemicals and is also considered pure epoxy. It hardens easily and more expensive than the first two epoxy types. It should also be handled only by skilled personnel.

Benefits of epoxy coating

If you have concrete flooring, it is a good idea to apply an epoxy coating. Aside from making the flooring professional-looking, clean, and elegant, other reasons why you should apply epoxy coating are due to the following:

  • It can make a room or walkway look brighter, thanks to its glossy finish.
  • It can make concrete flooring more durable enough to withstand traffic.
  • It is easy to apply, does not need complicated planning to implement, and does not require using heavy tools.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean as well as water and oil-resistant.
  • It also offers additives which helps prevent the floor from being slippery.
  • It can be combined with other types of colors and paints to cover up cracks and other minor damages.

Make sure to regularly sweep or vacuum the flooring of any dirt and debris. Use a microfiber cloth when wiping away stains and spills when it occurs. For cleaning dirty flooring with epoxy coating, mix a ½ cup of ammonia and one gallon of water and mop the floor. Never use abrasive sponges to clean flooring with epoxy coating.


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