How Home Décor Can Boost Your Productivity

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The effects of the pandemic have been wide-reaching. Even if you and your family weren’t directly affected, your lives must have changed somehow in the past year. One of those changes probably include working from home. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 5.2% of Americans worked remotely full-time back in 2017. Because of the virus, the figure is now up to 42%. Although it took a short time to reach this level, experts predict that working from home is here to stay even post-COVID.

The best way to adapt is by updating your home. It may not be the most obvious factor but home decor can affect your productivity. Here’s how:

1. Choose the Right Colors

If the walls of your home office or work area is starting to chip and fade, it might be time to contact a painting company. The right shade can transform any room into something entirely new. The challenge is to pick the right one. Too bright and it can be distracting. On the other hand, if it’s too dark, it can be dull and depressing. Avoid bringing the tense and stressful vibe from the office at home. Select a shade that will have a soothing effect like blue or green. Before you decide on a final color, test them on your walls. Ask for samples and check them against different lighting environments throughout the day. Even if you’re only going to work during the mornings and afternoons, having a late night every once in a while is inevitable.

It’s not just the color of the walls that’s important, it’s also the accessories and furniture. Try to match the hue of the centerpieces and other pieces of decoration. Decor items are supposed to make you feel better. Instead of boosting your mood, colorful products can distract you while you’re working.

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2. Place Some Plants

One of the best types of decorations you can ever use is a plant. For a low price, it brings so many benefits to the table. It can clean the air. It adds a splash of color to any plain, boring space. Most of all, it can help improve your performance at work. Psychologists have found that indoor plants can boost productivity by as much as 15%.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems. The responsibility doesn’t end once you get a plant for your house. You also have to make sure that it stays alive to actually bring about any benefit. To increase the chances of any plant to thrive, make the most out of the natural light you get. Set your succulent or tree by the window so it can soak up the sunshine. You should also place a watering can nearby to serve as a reminder to water it. It may be challenging at first to keep a plant alive but it’s worth the effort.

3. Use a Mirror or Even Two

Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms. Like plants, they are also fantastic additions to any room. If you select the right size and position, it can make your work area at home instantly bigger and brighter. Two important characteristics that have an impact on productivity.

Perhaps its best trait is that it can be used no matter the size of the room. You can hang one on the wall or a floor mirror on the corner. It doesn’t take up much space while providing an illusion of a much more spacious room.

When it comes to working from home, it should be about both style and function. Consider your comfort and usage before you fill up your home office or work area with trinkets. If it’ll distract rather than keep you focused, it’s better to keep it away.


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