How Much Should You Pay for Furnace Installation in Modesto?

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The average price of installing residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in Modesto may cost approximately $1,850 for a forced air furnace, including the cost of labor.

It can take around 6.4 hours to complete an installation, and this can cost $355 for professional work. You should expect to spend up to $190 for job materials and supplies, while the cost of the furnace itself can reach up to $1,270. Most brand-new units range from $1,670 and $2,000. If you can’t decide on a model, ask for advice from an HVAC expert in Modesto.

How Installation Prices Vary

While average prices for HVAC installation are mostly similar in Stanislaus County, the actual cost for your house will also depend on the HVAC unit’s size and where you want to install it. You can put it in the basement, crawl space or even outdoors. The type of fuel sources such as natural gas or electricity can affect the total price. When choosing among different models, you should consider the long-term costs of owning one as well.

Gas furnaces usually have an ignition system to burn the fuel and produce constant heat. As the country produces an abundant volume of natural gas, prices have stayed at relatively cheap rates. The trend might change in case of high demand and low supply. Some homeowners choose to install electric furnaces to avoid the trouble of ordering waiting for gas deliveries. An electric type, however, may significantly increase your utility bills, especially during the winter season.

Estimating Fuel and Maintenance Costs

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You can pay around $900 on heating costs for using an electric furnace during cold months. Natural gas furnaces may cost $850 for a season of use. In case of repairs, it may cost $280 each time that you need to fix a broken furnace. Filters need to be replaced at least once every month depending on how often you use it.

Hold a new and an old filter on each of your hands. Next, go to a well-lit room to inspect them. You need to replace an old filter when the built-up dirt blocks light from passing through it.

How Efficient Are Forced Air Furnaces?

If you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, choose a new furnace with a higher rating based on the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The average efficiency ratios vary but the average rating for fuel and gas furnaces is 80%, while electric furnaces can be up to 100% efficient.

The AFUE rating refers to the amount of energy that turns into heat, so a gas furnace with a 90% rating means that only 10% of energy is lost during combustion.


The summer months in Modesto are arguably the best time to find a professional HVAC installer. Contractors might charge cheaper rates during this season because of the lower demand, as not many people think about installing a furnace during hot weather. Take advantage of this to save money, but you should consult at least three different companies to find the best price for an HVAC installation.


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