How Much Should You Spend in Kansas City to Remodel a Bathroom?

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Bathroom plan coming to life

A budget-friendly bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, MO, may cost at least $3,000 when you only need to improve important fixtures like flooring, tiles and sinks.88888

Most homeowners in the city spend $10,275 on average to renovate the space while others splurge up to $17,000. Despite being expensive, a remodeled bathroom can significantly increase your property’s resale price. The prospect of a higher real estate value primarily encourages residents to make even just a small yet noticeable change.

Breakdown of Expenses

The average rate in the city includes the cost of labor, materials, and other expenses such as equipment set-up and preparation. If you hire a general contractor for bigger projects, you should expect the total price to increase by up to $1,541.25. The prices in Kansas City are likely the same for other parts of Jackson County.

You may also have to spend extra on building permits, inspection fees, and sales taxes. However, Kansas City’s building code requires homeowners to install an exhaust fan in a bathroom if there are no windows. An exhaust fan remains a good addition to a bathroom remodeling even when you already have windows. The exhaust fan can prevent moisture build-up inside after a hot shower, which maintains the bathroom’s good condition.

Who Should You Hire?

You can choose among interior home remodelers, general contractors, and residential tradesmen when you plan a bathroom renovation. Interior remodelers are the best choice, especially those who focus on the bathroom for their business. Avoid hiring a handyman just to save money. You can end up spending more than necessary for hiring a professional to fix the mistake of an unqualified contractor.

Another reason to hire the right professional involves a faster project timeline. It usually takes at least four weeks to complete a major bathroom remodel. It may take longer when you hire someone who offers a cheaper rate, and they may cut corners on the quality of work.

How to Save Money

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You can still limit your expenses through other ways like buying your own materials. Some contractors may agree on a labor-only agreement. Do some shopping around home depots to compare prices because materials from a remodeler can be 10% more expensive.

Those who need to replace bathroom floors should do this by themselves to trim the cost of labor. If you still have the energy for it, teach yourself how to lay tiles by practicing on an unused table. Professional tile installation costs between $860 and $2,600 if you use porcelain while installing natural stone ranges from $900 to $2,800. DIY mirror installation also saves around $150 from your expenses. You can further stretch your budget by refinishing your bathtub with a $60 basic kit.

Find the right contractor by comparing at least three different quotes from contractors. Ask for references from their most recent clients to determine the quality of their work. Do not skimp on the price if it puts you at risk of hiring another professional to amend the bad outcome.


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