How Proper Lighting Can Improve Your Business

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chandelier in a modern hotel lobby

For businesses whose existence depends on a physical shop or location, such as restaurants, galleries, or retail stores, attracting people is the major challenge. You will be competing with many other similar outlets for limited customers; therefore, it is important that you stand out above the rest.

This is where commercial lighting can help you. From Washington State to Florida, businesses all across the United States are starting to recognize the importance of commercial lighting. From the type of lighting fixtures you use inside your shop to the design and layout of your signage and exterior lights, there are plenty of things to consider when deciding the lighting of your place. When done properly, commercial lighting can bring numerous benefits and help your business performance.

Here are some ways lighting is able to help improve your business:

1. Define your brand.

Light — or anything bright, for that matter — naturally catches people’s attention. Hence, it is important that your lighting design makes a good first impression. When done well, lighting can set the tone for your brand and let customers know what you are all about. This is especially true for exterior lighting on your signage, where color is particularly important in communicating a mood that you wish to evoke. It should also highlight the name of your place and any additional information you want passers-by to know so that they will make a mental note of your store, and maybe choose to pay you a visit right away, or come back soon in the future.

2. Improve security and service.

interior of bakery with bright lightsIf an area inside your store is not well lit, this spot can become prone to shoplifting, especially for retail outlets that sell small-sized wares. Exterior lighting, meanwhile, is very useful in making sure there is no trouble outside your place at night. This is especially helpful for stores located near small alleys and side streets, where nasty incidents can take place in the dark.

Unlit areas are much harder to be noticed by staff. Hence, if a customer is at a spot that isn’t well lit, they may receive slower service or have difficulty getting the attention of staff. This is especially important in restaurants, where customers do not like to be kept waiting for the service crew to take their request. Proper lighting ensures that this will never be an issue, and your customers can be more satisfied with the environment and service you provide.

3. Add personality and promotion.

Do you have any limited-time special offers? Or maybe there is one item on the rack that you just want to get rid of as soon as possible? If so, then you have to draw people’s attention to such items and make them noticed. This is where good lighting comes in.

Using lighting strategically allows you to highlight whatever you want to draw attention to, be this an item or a promotional advertisement. By giving the notice to select items, customers can also get a feeling of what your specialty is. This adds personality and character to your store in their minds, making you more memorable. If they like what they see and know of you, there is a greater possibility that they will visit again in the future.

Commercial lighting, when used right, can truly do wonders for your business. It serves as a marketing tool all by itself and attracts people so that they may be converted into a loyal customer base. If you already have a great idea and quality products, good lighting in your store is the cherry on the cake.


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