How to Keep Tree Roots from Destroying Your Concrete

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Tree roots have a tendency to break through concrete, which can be a drag if you’ve just remodeled your backyard or the floor in your house. You can always hire someone who’s an expert in concrete repair in Salt Lake City. Or you can prevent tree roots from breaking through your concrete floor by following the tips in this article. But first, you should be able to spot if tree roots are about to go through your concrete floor. Tree roots may take a while before they break through the floor, but it is also the reason we fail to notice them.

Dig near the tree

To see if the tree near your house is going to mess up your concrete floor, dig near the tree and see where the roots are going. Tree roots rarely pose a threat to a house’s floors. But if you see those roots heading toward your house, then they might break through your floor.

Little cracks in the floor and foundation walls

You should check your foundation for any cracks, big or small. When you see even tiny cracks, this could mean that the tree roots might be able to damage your concrete floor. Check your foundation walls as well if they have tiny cracks. If you see vertical cracks in those walls, the roots are starting to grow upwards underneath.

Uneven floor, doors, and window frames

Grunge concrete cement wall with crack in industrial building

You’ll also know that the tree roots are starting to break through your floor if you notice that the surface is no longer even. The same thing goes for doors and window frames. If your door in the garage touches the floor when you try to open it, it can mean that the roots underneath have pushed the floor up. If the windows don’t slide smoothly or open easily anymore, chances are that the tree roots might have dislodged the wall underneath the window. Check the wall\ underneath your windows to see if there are any cracks.

If you see the signs, it’s time to do some damage control. Hiring experts to take care of this job is the right thing to do. Listed below are two options for preventing tree roots from damaging your floor.

Install a root barrier

Normally, root barriers should be installed before a tree is planted near a house. The root barrier will guide those roots deeper into the ground and not underneath your home. Cutting a tree root can sometimes destroy the tree itself. It’s better to just force them to go deeper into the ground.

Cut down the whole tree

If there is no other way to prevent the roots from damaging your home, then it would be better to cut down the whole tree. Only a tree-cutting expert should take care of this because doing it on your own could cause more damage.

Tree roots can damage concrete floors. Sidewalks can have uneven surfaces that can be dangerous to walk over. Garages can have concrete mounds that can wreck a car. Your plumbing can also be destroyed by tree roots. But as long as you have a plan for preventing tree roots from damaging your house, you can live safely. Get those root barriers ready and help your tree sends its roots somewhere else.


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