How to Live Safely in the House With Ongoing Construction

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There are many advantages to moving out of your house while construction is ongoing, such as not having to deal with the noise and dust. However, not all families can move out during such a time. If you have construction ongoing at home (that doesn’t require you to move out), here are some tips that will help keep your family safe and comfortable:

1. Work around the construction schedule

After finalizing the plan and finding the best suppliers of high-grade stainless steel, galvanized iron, and zinc fasteners, talk to your contractor about the construction schedule. Find out what type of construction is happening on what date, and which part of the house will have to be made off-limits. In this way, you can minimize the disruption that the construction is going to have on your daily activities.

For example, if the kitchen is going to be remodeled for a few days, plan how you’re going to prepare meals without access to that area. It is also important to inform your family members about the schedule so it won’t come as a surprise when they find the bathroom suddenly sealed off.

2. Turn off your HVAC system

Construction produces a lot of dust, and this is one of the major disadvantages of staying home while the renovation is ongoing. To help reduce the number of contaminants flying through the air, turn off your HVAC system.

3. Pack up your belongings


Clear the construction area from any belongings and furniture. For things that cannot be moved, such as built-in shelves and very heavy furniture, wrap them in a protective covering. Doing this will prevent dust or paint from getting on your stuff, as well as avoid untoward damage if someone happens to knock them over.

4. Block construction zones

Your contractor will probably install temporary walls or plastic covering to seal off the construction area. If applicable, they will also make a separate entrance for workers to minimize the amount of dust trailing behind them in the house. Talk to your contractor about sealing construction zones, especially the precautions you have to make if you have pets and small children around.

5. Remodel one room at a time

It seems easier to just get everything over and done with, but living at home while construction is ongoing can be extremely difficult if you suddenly have no access to your kitchen or bathroom. That said, it is recommended to remodel one room or area at a time so you can still remain comfortable during the construction, especially if you have lots of people living in the house.

6. Set safety rules

Before construction begins, lay down some ground rules for your family. Disallow children from going anywhere near the construction areas, make sure everybody wears shoes in the house, and remind everyone to stay out of the workers’ way. These are just some of the rules that will help keep everybody safe while construction is ongoing.

Unless you’re having your whole roof torn out or remodeling half of the house, you may have the option to stay at home during construction. While this option is more economical, it’s not always easy to live alongside a construction area. That said, keep these tips in mind to make your life as safe and normal as possible while remodeling your house.


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