How to Make Concrete Look Good

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construction worker polishing concrete

Most of the time, homeowners think of concrete as something to cover inside the house. This mostly stems from the fact that concrete is the default exterior material. Everything from sidewalks to building exteriors has the gray material prominent. It also has the undeserved reputation of being cold and uninspiring. However, if you take a unique approach, you can bring this monotone material alive. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

Use in the Right Places

For one, you have to use bare concrete in the right places in your home. It won’t work in the living room floor since it gives off an unfinished look. However, the bathroom sink and the kitchen are a different matter. For the bathroom, the concrete gives it a look of solid strength. It also works with a minimalist approach for areas that are about working. This is why it looks great in the kitchen, which is the busiest part of the house. Just put in contrasting accents like bold pastels so that the gray seems like an excellent backdrop.

Make It a Centerpiece

A generic outdoor fireplace at nightDon’t just let concrete be something in the background like walls or floors. You can use concrete for a variety of room pieces that can be the focus of the room. For example, you can have a concrete fireplace instead of the traditional brick one. The result is something that looks sleekly modern that you can discuss with your visitors.

Furniture pieces like tables, planters, and shelves can be made out of concrete and, besides being durable, they can give a stark accent to the room. Decide on how you want the concrete to work with your design scheme so that you get the best results.

Learn to Stain and Coat

It is a faulty notion that the only way to give concrete color is to paint it. A more effective method is to stain or coat the concrete. This can be done with either acid-based methods or water-based methods. It should be simple enough to buy concrete acid in Utah and other states. It works by chemically reacting to the concrete and creating colors that are permanent to it. This color won’t be chipped or flaked away, and you’ll still have the concrete texture that can be smoothed down.

Water-based stains are more like dyes. They are easier to apply and are much less of a problem. They seep into the top layer of the concrete and give it that particular color. They are also available in many colors.

Add Patterns

If you’ve got an artistic bent or know of someone who has one, then you can apply patterns to the concrete via angle grinders. This gives it a unique look if you go for something geometric.

There is much that can be done with concrete so that it becomes more than its gray beginnings. The tips above should go along way in making bare concrete into something unique. Combine them with some interior design ideas so that your home’s interior can deliver a unique vibe and atmosphere.


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