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When you’re operating a retail store, you’d want nothing more but to see hordes of customers entering your place of business and buying up all of your products. But sometimes even if you have great products to sell, it’s hard to entice any person to step into your store and buy your items. To attract customers into your Salt Lake City store, the first thing you should do is to make your signage stand out. One of the ways to do that is to find an expert in custom metal signs in Utah or anywhere else in the country.

Start with the shape

The standard shape of a sign is a rectangle because it’s convenient and easily recognizable. But if you want to stand out, having a rectangular sign won’t do because almost all stores have a sign like that. Think about your business and try to visualize what shape would best describe what your business is all about. If you’re selling office supplies such as desks, chairs, and office items, then you might want to use the shape of a square for your sign. Squares often symbolize stability. People don’t often notice this, but when they think of an office, they want it to look like a stable and solid establishment. A square sign will tell your customers that you have stable and durable products.

Then with the colour

Let’s move on to the colour of your sign. There is science to choosing colours for your business, and customers often react differently to every colour they see on a sign, store, or a product. According to experts, certain colours are being used by different business establishments to attract their target market. For example, fast-food chains, outlet malls, and stores with clearance sales often use red, orange, or red-orange for their signs because it automatically sends a signal to people that the products inside should be purchased right away.

Colours such as royal blue, navy blue, and teal are often used in business establishments such as banks and department stores because these colours symbolize stability. People who see these signs will think that they can be trusted, which is especially important for banks. As for department stores, this kind of resulting emotion from seeing blue also works to their advantage because people will think of them as an establishment of good reputation and quality. People will think that the products inside are worth buying.


Open sign in street cafe

If you don’t know it yet, the acronym KISS stands for “keep it simple, stupid (apologies for name calling). When it comes to creating a sign for your store, it’s important to take this advice into consideration. It can be tempting to go all out for your sign just so people will notice it and perhaps goad them to enter your store. But it’s wiser to keep your sign simple because many people are much more capable of recalling a logo or a sign if it’s simple enough.

Just think of the logos of Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and McDonald’s, and you know that any person in the world will recognize these brands right away even if all they get to see are the logos. Keep your sign simple, and perhaps you might build a brand that will last for years.

Remember that thinking of every detail of your store is not just to attract customers into your establishment. You’re also doing this because you’re building a brand, which is your store. By building your brand, you’re not just enticing customers to come into your store today and tomorrow, but you’re also enticing them to be loyal to your store for years to come.


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