How to Repel Nosy Neighbors

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It has been more than a year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we all still stay at home due to quarantine protocols, it is important for us to feel safe in our respective spaces.

Do you feel safe at home? Every individual deserves peace and solitude in their property. Your home should be a safe space where you can relax and let your worries ease away. This might not always be the case, though. Nosy neighbors can be a problem for some neighborhoods. Other families feel helpless, as they are left without knowing what to do to avoid this.

Nosy neighbors also come in the form of friends who are naturally curious about your daily life. Despite this, you have the right to feel violated, but what can you do without cutting ties and potentially offending them? What do you do if your neighbors are nosy?

“Curiosity killed the cat,” they say. We wouldn’t want to wish our neighbors ill, of course, but it is understandable if you decide to increase your home’s level of privacy. Nosy neighbors are inevitable in some neighborhoods, which can be bothersome (and worrisome at times). So should you tell them off? In this case, it is probably best to make home adjustments first.

Boundaries, Friends, and Strangers

Being nosy can sometimes be a subjective topic. Some people tend to overshare their personal life and might not find it offensive to probe others to do the same. On the other hand, it is normal for one to feel the need to keep one’s personal life to a minimum when talking to others, even with friends.

When it comes to friends and strangers, make sure to set your boundaries during communication. If you are talking to a friend, let them know if a question makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, a friend shouldn’t even force you to share something you deem too private to tell. As with strangers, make sure you establish your boundaries beforehand so you can gauge how far you can allow yourself to share your personal life. If that stranger means no bad intentions, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Setting boundaries is an important aspect of keeping your life personal.

Home and Privacy

We all have the right to privacy. As mentioned, this is an important aspect of anyone’s life. You need to have private time with your loved ones, away from curious eyes. At home, you should be allowed to express yourself without judgment.

If you have been noticing peering eyes around your neighborhood, immediately protect yourself and your loved ones at home. Before considering reporting them to authorities, though, try to gauge if they put your daily life at risk or if they are overly eager and overly friendly neighbors. Despite this, it is understandable for you to make adjustments around the home to hide your private life from curious eyes.

Home Adjustments

home plan

Without being too obvious, you can opt to increase home privacy by “revamping” your home. Besides getting the privacy you deserve, it will also enhance your home’s appearance and, possibly, its property value. What are the things you can do to increase home privacy?

Consider installing a fence. There are many options available in the market. You can choose what best suits your taste and your needs. There are wood, concrete, chain link, and other materials that are durable yet stylish.

You might also want to consider home landscaping. It is sometimes an overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Others opt for a simple yard. Home landscaping has its benefits, though. It can increase your property’s value, enhance your home exterior, and, with professional help, can even increase your home’s longevity against natural occurrences.

For your ground-level windows, you can opt for cafe-style shutters. These shutters allow a good amount of sunlight to enter the home while keeping your privacy in check. Curtains are no longer necessary as these shutters are designed to increase home privacy while staying stylish.

Take advantage of your garden. Include plants and trees that offer shade and subtle covering of the home. This will not only increase your privacy but will also make your garden more attractive and picturesque.

The basic needs of maintaining a happy home for you and your loved ones not only include food, water, and clothing; it also includes protecting your family’s right to privacy. Although some neighbors do not have bad intentions, it is good for you to take action when your privacy is compromised. Always keep your family’s well-being a priority. Privacy is a right, and others should not probe your personal life without your consent.


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