How to Set Up a Productive and Practical Home Office

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Working in a home office is common for lots of adults, but it’s also a new normal for others. Whether you work from home to run your small business or for remote office work, you need certain things to ensure that it will work for your specific needs. To get you started, here are surefire ways to plan for a practical and proper home office setup:

Select The Right Space

If space is an issue, you have to get creative. For instance, by installing electrical connections and removing the clothing poles, you can transform a closet into your workspace. You can also look at infrequently-used spaces around your home, like a guest room.

Consider Your Specific Needs

Whether you are working with office furniture installation companies or DIY-ing your home office, considering your must-haves is key. Consider all the stuff you will need to work efficiently and comfortably while making sure that you don’t go over your budget. Begin with lighting and temperature control to ensure that you can work comfortably in your workspace even for long hours.

If you are lucky to have a nearby window, opt for coverings that will enable you to easily control the lighting in your office. Otherwise, you’ll need a great lighting plan to illuminate your home office.

The Work Surface

Your work surface or desk is among the most crucial pieces of furniture in your home office setup. Essentially, it must be big enough and have the right height to ensure your comfort as you work. To optimize the space, consider installing shelves behind your work surface so you can reach your supplies and books easily.

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Sit and Work in Comfort

Choose a chair that’s comfortable, offers proper arm and back support, and has the proper height. If you like putting your feet up while you work, place a footstool under your work surface.

Consider installing a keyboard holder that slides out from under your desk so that your keyboard will be placed at a proper height to offer comfortable and easy use. Place the mouse in an accessible place, especially if you work long hours on your computer.

Lighting That Works

Proper lighting is immensely vital to any home office. To ease eyestrain, install lighting over your working area and behind it so that you won’t have to battle with reflections on your computer monitor.

You should likewise place the monitor a suitable distance away from your chair so you can avoid squinting when reading the monitor. Reducing eyestrain will help you work more safely and longer without hassles.

Remember That Less Is Oftentimes More

Clutter is extremely distracting and lowers efficiency so instead of just storing everything that you might need in your home office, sort out everything first and get organized. If you find that you have limited storage space in your new home office, seek another area in your house to store office supplies and items that you don’t use regularly. Getting your home office organized will help you work better.

Decorate Your Space

Add color and personal touches to make your home office more inviting. Choose a decorating style and then use furniture, window treatments, patterns, and knickknacks to lend your style to the space. You could even opt to use a specific style in your home office that you love but don’t want in your entire home.

Adorn black walls, if you like, with photos or art that you love. You can also store supplies in decorative boxes or baskets that tie in with the rest of your office aesthetic. Done right, your home office will have excellent lighting, comfortable workstations, and a layout that works for your remote work lifestyle.


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