How You Can Keep Your Home Fresh When You Own a Pet

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You love your pet like your own child, but like a real boy or girl, they can create a lot of mess. It is not easy keeping a house fresh when you have a hyperactive dog or cat around. There always will be fur on your couch, on your carpet, on your t-shirts and sweaters, etc. In between grooming, the whole place can smell a little funky.

As a dog owner, you know the struggles. Although you have been used to it, you might not feel confident inviting people over.

It is not easy being a parent to your pet and maintain a clean home at the same time. So, here are a few tips to ensure that your space is always presentable.

Stains on the Carpet

Accidents happen. No matter how well-trained you think your puppy or your kitten is, there will come a time when they would pee or poo on the carpet.

It is important for pet owners, therefore, to give their carpet deep cleaning regularly. You can call a carpet cleaning service and let the professionals remove any dirt and stain that was left behind.

More importantly, when an accident happens, you should clean it up immediately. If you leave it to dry, it would only make removal more difficult. Pick up any solid residue and blot the liquid with a clean cloth. Mix a solution of dish-washing soap and water and then apply it on the area affected. Do not pour the solution to the carpet. Use a sponge to anoint the solution. To rinse, grab a damp towel and then blot. Repeat if until there are no longer any noticeable marks.

Invest in an Automatic Vacuum

Even non-shedding pets leave hair behind everywhere they go. You would need to vacuum your home regularly to get rid of fur.

If you do not have the time nor the patience to clean your entire house over and over again, consider getting a robot vacuum. The machine is autonomous; just turn it on and leave it. It will go around a room and suck every piece of dust, dirt, fur, and other debris.

Get a Doormat

dog on a doormat

Tired of mopping mud tracks every time you walk your pet? Having a doormat would help decrease the dirt your dog or cat brings into your home.

Even if you cannot train your furry friend to wipe their paws before they enter the house, a doormat would catch a lot of debris and prevent mess.

Get two doormats: one that you can leave outside the door and one for indoors that you can throw into the washing machine when it is dirty.

Clean Bedding and Housing

You change your bedsheets and pillowcases regularly. Your pet deserves to sleep in a clean bed and crate, too.

If you fail to regularly clean your cat or dog’s bed and/or cage, it will get dirty and begin to smell. Dirty beds and cages are also harboring germs that may infect and make your pet ill.

In addition to these home maintenance tips, to keep your home looking and smelling fresh at all times, groom your pet regularly. Bathe them as often as needed, trim their hair and nails, etc. Moreover, teach your dog not to pee or poo inside the house.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to invite people over with confidence.


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