Iron Hardware You Shouldn’t Neglect in Your Home

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Iron screws and materials

Iron hardware found inside homes is forged in the exact same way blacksmiths made them in the 18th century — with the use of coal and some real hard work. The artisan ironware is made to shine through the finish applied to them later on.

In the UK, the tradition of architectural ironmongery is alive and well to this day. These are people who are in the business of providing iron, brass, aluminum or a combination of metal parts and accessories to buildings which are being constructed. They ensure that the iron and metalwork is of the highest quality and last a long time.

Keeping these iron and metal accessories clean and sparkling adds beauty and value to any home. Among the important iron hardware in homes that should not be neglected are door handles, door hinges, door closers, locks, and security features as well as other external hardware and accessories.

Leaving these iron hardware for an extended period of time without cleaning can leave them dull and not working properly. Rust can eventually set in and corrode the parts which can lead to a more costly repair and or replacement.

To avoid this, make sure you clean and maintain your iron hardware at home, here are some tips to follow:


If the iron hardware is installed in the interior of your home, use furniture polish to clean and polish them whenever they look dry. If you have hinges made of iron, lubricate them with Vaseline area from the inside and out. You can also spray some WD-40 to keep it from getting noisy or difficult to use.

Apply Linseed Oil

Iron knob and lock

The iron hardware found in the exterior of your home will eventually gather dust and rust without proper care or maintenance. The traditional way of keeping them working in good condition is to add some linseed oil every 3–6 months. This will help protect your hardware for the long term. Some people would often use butcher’s wax or bowling alley wax as a polisher. They both work well. Eventually, the iron will develop a lovely patina from the waxing or oiling.

Use Rust Inhibiting Paint

To prevent iron from bleeding and gathering dust when exposed to harsh winds and rain, you can paint its surface with a rust inhibiting paint. This will safeguard the iron hardware in the exterior of your house that is often exposed to very harsh elements. It will protect them from rust and further corrosion, thus extending the life of your iron hardware.

Powder Coat the Surface

To do away with tedious maintenance work, some people do powder coat the surface of their iron hardware. This can minimize the surface texture of your iron, but it can keep it free from rust, premature wearing out, and corrosion. This coating will free you from all the repetitive maintenance work. Powder coats can come in a plain gray finish and have no other contaminants that can interfere with the iron hardware’s quality.

Regular cleaning and periodic maintenance of your iron hardware are sure to protect it, keep it beautiful, and make it useful for years. Be sure to use only natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemical cleaners when you clean them as they can get corroded and wear away easily if exposed to harmful elements.


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