Is Your AC Running Non-Stop?

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While having an AC that runs longer with fewer cycles (starting and stopping) during hot summers is not entirely a bad thing, you should still need to be concerned about a few things. If your system never stops running but can’t keep you comfortable, there might be something wrong with the unit. The same is also true if it never reaches your thermostat temperature setting.

Air conditioning repair experts in Orem, Utah share some of the reasons your AC runs constantly:

Improper sizing

A correctly sized unit is supposed to run continuously in the summer (or during the hottest afternoons), while maintaining comfort, efficiency, durability. If your AC is too small, however, it will have to work harder to cool your home. The sad part is, despite the AC running non-stop, it will never achieve your desired coolness. It will only add more wear and tear to the unit and decrease its lifespan.

Having an oversized AC can also be a problem. This is because it won’t effectively remove moisture or humidity, which then results in a cold, clammy feeling. It can also make uneven temperatures worse, as a bigger unit leads to poor air distribution. An oversized AC, furthermore, tends to cycle on and off excessively, causing more breakdowns, shorter life, and higher repair bills.

Dirty filter and evaporator/condenser coils

Filthy and clogged air filters can restrict airflow, which will then make your unit seem to operate longer throughout the day. These can also make your AC work harder, causing the unit to overheat or experience more wear and tear. Cleaning or changing the filters at least once a month or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation can help.

Dirt on the evaporator and condenser coil can also be an issue, as it can make it harder for the unit to absorb heat indoors and release it outside. In cases like this, it is advisable to contact an AC technician to check your unit, clean the outside unit, and perform other maintenance tasks.

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Air leaks and poor insulation

Leaks, which commonly develop around doors, windows, and ductwork, allow cool air to escape from your home. This causes the air conditioning unit to produce more cool air and run longer than it is supposed to, leading to higher energy bills and more wear and tear.

Insufficient insulation can also cause you to lose cool air, which is also the reason your home never reaches its desired temperature. You can avoid both problems by checking for leaks and sealing them, as well as making sure that your home has sufficient insulation.

Extremely old unit

While most ACs are durable and can run for many years, they cannot serve you forever. In fact, even properly maintained units eventually wear out and require replacement. An extremely old unit may also have inefficient components, which may often cause it to run longer to cool your home.

If your AC is more than 10 years and is in constant need of repairs, for instance, it is best to replace it with an energy efficient unit. A new or an Energy Star approved AC is likely to have shorter cooling cycles and help you save more on cooling bills.

If you’re worried about how your AC is running, it is best to contact an AC technician.  This can help you find out the real cause of the problem and address small issues before they get worse.


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