Beat the Heat: Keeping Your Roof Cool

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Summer is almost here! And along with its arrival is the hot weather. Although we usually do alright in keeping ourselves cool during summer long, only a handful of us actually thinks about keeping our roofs cool during the hot summer months.

Most of us do not know about it, but a roof that is too hot is never a good thing for you, your family, and your home structure.

During summer, the surface temperature on a black roof could reach over 150 degrees. This means that the heat absorbed by traditional roofs in hot weather could easily raise your home’s indoor temperature. This leads to higher energy usage and energy cost.

By keeping your roof cool throughout the summer, you help reduce air conditioning usage and save more money.

Luckily nowadays, there are plenty of low-tech and low-cost remedies to keep the extra heat at bay.

How to Keep Your Roof Cool This Summer

1. Roof Garden

Beyond its charm, growing a roof garden or “green roof” has a practical value. The greenery with all the soil, grass, and plants help shade the building from direct sunlight. It helps both in reducing heat loss and heat absorption, making it a perfect choice for houses in either hot or cold climates.

Furthermore, green roofs help minimize what has been referred to as the “heat island effect.” This is when the temperature in urban areas increases due to the sun baking the asphalt and metal surfaces.

Though this type of roofing is certainly not that popular, there has been a growing trend among environmentally-conscious homeowners living in hot-weather regions.

Keep in mind that before going for a roof garden, you ensure that your roof is waterproofed to avoid any water from seeping through your interior, damaging your home’s structure.

2. Play with Paint

You can also reduce the heat gain in your roof by turning it into a reflective surface.

You might want to consider painting the concrete surface of your roof with cool paint colors. Lighter colors provide good thermal insulation. They help reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your indoor home cool.

Installing white ceramic or porcelain tiles is also an excellent choice if you want a more permanent solution to deal with the heat.

3. Plant a Tree

tree planting

Never underestimate the value of shade in keeping your roof cool during summer.

One way of creating a shade around your roof is by planting trees nearby. However, it is important to note that you need to be careful with the proximity of the tree to your house. During windy, rainy, or stormy weather, the trees might cause damage to your roof.

Not to mention, the excessive leaves might clog your gutters.

Check out this article to find out what trees are best suited to be planted around your house.

4. Opt for Heat-resistant Materials

It cannot be overemphasized that the type of materials that you use for your roofing plays a crucial role in the heat and cooling retention of your home.

Certain types of roofing materials could not only withstand brutal heat during summer but also provide the much-needed ventilation and airflow to keep your home stay cooler.

There are plenty of hot-weather materials, all having their pros and cons. But we shall consider two of the best options for hot-climate roofing materials.

Terra-cotta Tiles

Aside from capturing the best bit of Spanish colonial style, terra-cotta roofs have been used by many European countries as these clay tiles could withstand heat for centuries.

What makes it so effective in keeping your home cool is the curved shape of the tiles. It allows air to circulate beneath the surface, keeping roofs and interiors cooler.

The only downside of choosing this stylish roofing choice is its costs. They could run around $700 to $1,000 per square foot. Nonetheless, if you take into consideration its lifespan, it is actually a good investment.

Concrete Tiles

A great alternative for terra-cotta is concrete. It has the same thermal properties as the latter, but it is much cheaper.

Concrete is thick, making it longer for the sun’s heat to penetrate your home.

5. Proper Ventilation

The easiest and most efficient way to keep your roof cool throughout the summer is to ensure proper ventilation and insulation. Your local roofing repair company can do a regular check and maintenance on your roof’s condition.

One of the most crucial parts of your roof structure is the attic. Keeping this area well insulated and ventilated all year long saves you from a lot of trouble in the long run.


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