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Whether you own a small house, a large apartment, or a hunting area, trespassers are always a concern. While there are laws to keep them at bay, some people don’t bother about them. In fact, not just humans, drones’ trespassing is also prohibited in some locations due to privacy concerns. These trespassers pose several risks and hence need to be kept off your land.

Firstly, they can be trespassing to commit theft. Secondly, their negligence can put you on the wrong side of the law. Suppose the trespasser gets injured, you may be at the question. While the risks are high, putting strain on your pocket to hire a gatekeeper isn’t always the right option. Hence, we are here with these ideas to keep the trespassers off your land.

1. Give them a sign

There’s no doubt that trespassing is illegal even without having a sign that says “No Trespassing.” But it can bring it to the notice that it is a private property you own. While this may not make any difference in intentional trespassing, it will when it comes to unintentional ones.

Putting up the signs will also help you while taking legal actions. Trespassers often plea that they thought they were on public land. By putting up an alert, you can remove all the uncertainties out of the equation.

While creating and installing a signboard, ensure that it is visible from a long distance. The best thing would be to write it in big font and install it at a decent height.

2. Create physical barriers

Creating any form of physical barriers can be of great help. They can help you in both physical and legal ways to keep the trespassers away. First and foremost, creating a high fence will prevent many from trespassing into your property due to the hassle of climbing over it. Secondly, it also clearly marks your property, making it clear to others that they should not enter it.

You can use any physical barriers, be it metal, wiring, or merely plants and trees. Find someone for steel supply online and get your fencing done to keep your property safe from trespassers. However, one thing to ensure before starting with the fencing is to let your neighbors know about it. There are situations when the boundaries are not clear or in dispute. In such cases, letting your neighbor know will keep you from entering into any legalities.

3. Install security cameras

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Installing security cameras can be costly but a sure way of getting appropriate evidence to take any legal action. But it is not only helpful in collecting evidence and helping your case if need be. You can also use it as a deterrent to discourage trespassing.

If you install the cameras so that they are easily visible, most trespassers will take a turn back. Thus, they can serve as the best option to prevent trespassing in multiple ways.

4. Light up the property

Lighting is of no use during the daytime. But when it comes to night, brightening your property can do wonders. Usually, people do take advantage of the dark to enter another’s property. Hence, installing some lights will discourage the trespassers.

There are other benefits as well of having lights at your property at night. For instance, if you have installed standard cameras, they won’t capture clear evidence during the night. Thus lights can help the cameras here. Also, they will act as deterrents as no one would like to be seen committing the crime.

5. Promote the legal way

You might have heard about word-of-mouth marketing. Well, you can apply the same concept to prevent trespassing on your property. All you need to do is let the trespassers know that you are ready to take legal actions if required.

If need be, you can also create an example by taking action against one of the trespassers. The thing is that everyone will be looking at how you behave if someone gets caught. If you leave the person, the others will do the same, considering you will leave them too. But if you can set an example, every potential trespasser will consider this and never try to trespass into your property.

These were the best ways to prevent trespassing by staying on the right side of the law. Some might say that it is appropriate to install traps to keep the trespassers at bay, but it is not. Whether a person is trespassing intentionally or unintentionally, traps can be harmful to him. If any severe casualties occur due to those traps, you can be in question. Thus, always go for the options recommended above to keep trespassers off your land.


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