Know Your Boundaries: Why Should You Mark Your Residential Property Line?

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Do you know the boundaries of your property?

Property boundaries show you the exact line where your property begins and ends. But you’re not alone if you’re not sure about your property’s boundaries. Homeowners forget about their property boundaries for several reasons, like having changes in their property over the years.

But why is it necessary to know where your property starts and ends?

Prevent Property Disputes Against Your Neighbors

Unclear property boundaries often lead to neighbor disputes. In some cases, it leads to encroachment on someone’s property. Encroachment refers to instances when your neighbor builds a structure like a fence or a deck that goes beyond the boundary line.

Even if you have no problem with the encroachment, it’s essential to still acknowledge it, especially if you plan to sell your property in the future. Sellers must disclose any encroachment on your property because it could affect your ability to sell your home.

You can use property line markers, like a fence, to define the boundaries between your property and your neighbor’s. Fences typically sit on top of property boundary lines, defining ownership.

Use Markers That Enhance the Look of Your Property

Metal fence with brick columnsBefore you build a fence in your property, check the ordinances regarding fence building in your area. States or cities usually regulate the fences’ height, location, materials, and appearance.

Pre-cast concrete is an ideal fencing material. Instead of casting it on the building site, this material is shaped in metal or polypropylene molds in a factory. Pre-cast concrete is also cost efficient and faster to install compared to conventional materials. Fences made of pre-cast concrete are also easy to maintain.

Choose the decorative pre-cast concrete to enhance the appearance of your property’s exterior. You can find pre-cast concrete that looks like traditional fencing materials, such as wood, bricks, and natural stone, among others.

But before you do install a fence, hire professionals to identify your property boundaries. Professional guidance will prevent a costlt removal or even legal battle over a fence that encroaches on another property.

Define Your Property Boundary Accurately

A land surveyor will help you determine your property boundaries through a boundary survey. The land surveyor will create a drawing after the survey, providing you with accurate measurements. Guess work has no place where property matters are concerned.

The drawing can include the following:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Improvements made on the land before you acquire it
  • Fences

The cost of a boundary survey varies based on your property and the firm you will hire. Other factors can affect the cost of this project, including:

  • The accessibility of the parcel of land
  • The size of the parcel
  • The shape and size of the surveyed parcel of land

A real estate property is a huge investment. It’s essential to be aware of your own border. But before you establish your property boundaries, set your expectations by being familiar with the cost and recognizing that this process can get tedious. Talk to your neighbor regarding any action you’re planning to make your property improvement easier and to prevent misunderstandings.


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