Making your Bathroom a Safer Place

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Bathroom falls and slips are the most common causes of injuries sustained by the elderly and youngsters alike. While it is impossible to keep your bathroom 100% safe and slip-proof, there are a lot of ways to prevent it from happening.

Sometimes, sprucing up your bathroom essentials and investing in additional equipment is what you need to prevent such accidents. Below are some of the common ways you can safely enjoy your bathroom space.

Keep it dry

Woman cleaning countertop

Water is the most common culprit for falls and slips in the toilet. Shower screen installation in your Brisbane home, or simply putting a heavy-duty shower curtain that can prevent water from leaking into other parts of the bathroom and keep it dry.

Installing an exhaust fan that can circulate air around your toilet will also make it dry a lot faster. It can also improve air circulation in the room.

Let the light in

Always make sure that your bathroom is well-lighted. A misstep just because you did not see properly can cause severe injuries. Prevent this by making sure that your toilet has ample lighting. Having a dim light option to use when you go to the bathroom at night is also helpful.

Choose your tiles carefully

Having marble tiles in your bathroom will give that elegant feel and make space look larger. But is it safe? Never compromise the safety of your bathroom for its aesthetics. Go for tiles that provide traction to minimise the risk of slipping.

Choosing smaller pieces will also do the trick as grout lines also increase traction. This is the reason why smaller tiles are often used inside the shower area.

Ditch the rugs

Rugs help dry your feet or add an aesthetic touch, but it is also one of the most common culprits for bathroom slips and falls. If you cannot get rid of your rug, secure it with double-sided tape or slip-resistant backings.

Install grab bars

Bathroom bathing chair and grab bars for elderly and handicapped

Grab bars are essential in your bathroom, especially if you have the elderly or people with limited mobility using it. Having access to such bars can help prevent slipping or severe force and trauma from happening. Putting one in the shower and near the toilet seat would be ideal.

Higher toilet seats

Your toilet seat should always be the right height. This will mean lesser effort for you to sit and get up, which can also cause imbalance, and, ultimately, cause trips, slips, and falls. Installing higher toilet seats can easily be done as a DIY or with the help of a handyman.

Clean it thoroughly

A lot of things can grow inside a bathroom that is not cleaned or thoroughly. Moulds, algae and other substances that you might or might not see can make the floor slippery. Thus, to prevent this from happening, cleaning your bathroom regularly is necessary.

These changes might seem simple. But doing so can help ensure that your bathroom is a safe place for everyone to use. Remember, safety comes first before anything else.


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