Making Your Home Safer for Children, Seniors, and PWD

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They said that home is where the heart is, and it’s true. No matter how beautiful a hotel room is and how majestic the view outside it is, we will always be thankful when we get home. There is something in our house that makes us feel at ease, which is why we make sure it is clean, organized, and safe for everyone.

When it comes to safety, you need to prioritize your children, your aging parents (if they live with you in the same house), and your loved ones with a disability. If you live in an old house, chances are there are various health and safety hazards lurking within the four corners. You must do your best to reduce or eliminate those risks to keep your loved ones safe all the time.

Here’s how you can do it successfully:

Remove clutter

A messy home is a recipe for a disaster. A few sharp or pointed objects here and there can cause minor to serious injuries. To prevent the risks of accidents, you must keep the house clean and orderly. Put everything in the right place. Toys, books, and other items must be placed in a safe and childproof area of the house.

A clean and organized home is safe for children, PWD, and seniors. Do some regular cleaning to ensure that your house will remain beautiful and spacious. Your loved ones will benefit from this option in the long run.

Keep the bathroom dry, spacious, and non-slippery

child and mom in the bathroom

Accidents can happen in the bathroom anytime. A wet floor can cause trips and falls, which could result in injuries among children and older adults. You can prevent these from happening if you keep the entire bathroom, dry, and non-slippery.

Bathroom space can also be an issue in smaller houses. As much as possible, limit the number of amenities or features in your bathroom. For example, a bathroom vanity cabinet can provide the space you need to store towels and toiletries. Sometimes, sharp or pointed surfaces can cause injuries when your children, senior parents, or disabled loved ones use the bathroom.

To make your bathroom a safer place for them, install non-slip flooring, and use floor mats to avoid accidental falls. For seniors, you can invest in walk-in bathtubs so that they can easily take a bath. Additionally, you can install safety handrails on the walls of your bathroom to serve as a guide.

Install a Pool Fence

It’s nice to have a swimming pool at home, but you must remember that it could be dangerous for your loved ones, including your pets. The risk of drowning in the pool is high, which is why you need to consider installing a pool fence. The fence will keep your pets, children, and disabled loved ones from accidentally falling and drowning into the pool.

Your home should be the safest place for you and your loved ones. Follow these recommendations to avoid any mishap and have a comfortable life at home with your family.


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