Mistakes That First-Time Gardeners Commit and How to Fix Them

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Gardener holding plant

If someone has the time and the inclination, they might try their hand at gardening. And why not? If they have a lawn or a small plot of land, it’s a productive way to spend a few hours of the weekend. It could improve the appearance of their property and, should they plant any vegetables or herbs, put food on the dinner table.

But gardening is tricky. It requires a lot of knowledge and work to coax something to grow properly in the earth. If a rookie gardener starts digging and sowing without doing the research, they could do more harm than good to their plants. When that happens, they shouldn’t give up on their gardening career. Rectifying the damage caused by first-time gardening mistakes just requires proper know-how and sweating it out. Here are some common mistakes newbie gardeners make, and what they can do to fix them.

Not Caring Enough about the Soil

Soil is one of the biggest influences on plants, and a first-time gardener needs to know what kind of soil they have in their yard before they start planting anything. Soil has unique compositions, depending on the area and can only support specific types of plants. If someone plants the wrong seed in the wrong soil, it’s unlikely that the resulting sprout will be healthy. Gardeners should learn the properties of their soil beforehand, and adjust the plants they want to include in their gardens to match those aspects.

Gardeners also need to know that they should nurture the soil in which their plants grow. The nutrients in the earth that make it possible to grow healthy and beautiful plants eventually disappear, which will result in lackluster vegetation. People should check the health of their soil and determine if they could use fertilizers and supplements to enrich it or if they should contact a company that supplies topsoil to give the garden new materials.

Not Knowing Enough about the Plants

Gardener watering flowers

When someone has complete control over their garden for the first time, they might simply plant whatever flower or herb they fancy. Maybe because they like the color of a particular bloom, or they find the scent of a shrub soothing. But planting seeds haphazardly could lead to the plants simply dying after a few weeks or not growing at all.

This is because certain plants can only grow during certain times of the year. Without the proper climate conditions these months bring, the plants will have a hard time staying alive long enough for them to make a difference. The only way to fix this kind of mistake is to research the growing seasons of plants the gardener wants to add to their property and wait until then to try again.

Another mistake that a rookie gardener might make is to mow their turf too much and too low. This can impede the ability of the lawn to grow and may cause weak grass. They should tone down the mowing and look up the ideal mowing height of the species of turfgrass they’re using on their lawn.

Gardening is a fascinating and rewarding activity. But like all human endeavors, beginners will make mistakes and face setbacks. Instead of being discouraged, rookie gardeners should learn from their errors and seek the correct way to make the earth blossom and plants bloom.


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