Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Home Repair Pro

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The average homeowner can probably DIY simple repairs around the house, but there are certain repairs that you should never touch, even with a ten-foot pole. For repairs like this, the next best step is to hire a professional to do it for you. However, it is important to remember that not all repair companies are made equal—and with that, here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when hiring a repair pro:

Waiting until the last minute

Most repair companies will probably be able to show up at your door shortly after you call them, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, you would have to wait for their next open slot to have the repair done, and by this time, whatever needs fixing may have already gotten worse.

For example, if your sink is already leaking and no amount of DIY repair can fix it, consult a plumbing company as soon as possible. If the plumber can’t make it to your home ASAP, then at least you already have an appointment with them at the soonest possible time. If, in contrast, you wait until the leak gets worse and the plumber is not readily available, then you may end up with a bigger repair bill or worse—indoor flooding.

Not doing enough research

As mentioned before, not all repair companies are made equal. You have to do due diligence to ensure that you hire the right one to conduct repairs in your home in the most efficient way possible—and at a reasonable cost. Doing enough research, be it by looking at contractors’ websites online or asking around for referrals, can help you narrow down your choices and end up with the right professional for the job.

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Not having a list of companies ready

In case your kitchen floods or your electricals start acting up, you would want to have a list of people you can call within the next minute. Not having possible contacts readily available can not only extend your inconvenience, but it can also make the problem worse—and in the process, increase your repair bills.

Pro tip: research potential repair companies within the area for every type of repair you can think of (plumbing, electrical, structural, etc.) and keep a list of their contacts, as well as their emergency numbers, in your phone. This way, you can immediately call someone when you run into a problem, especially during an emergency.

Hiring a pro before inspection

Before giving you a quote, any reputable repair company or professional will need to see the problem in person. With that in mind, avoid hiring a pro before conducting an initial assessment on whatever needs fixing. If you do and the quote ends up way out of your budget, you are in for a problem.

Hiring the cheapest available option

When trying to limit your repair costs, hiring the cheapest available company may seem like a great idea. However, if the price is way below the standard and what the competition offers, you may very well end up getting what you pay for—which is possibly substandard work.

That said, be suspicious of quotes that are too good to be true. Look up the standard rates for the type of repair you need, and then base your decision on the average rates. In contrast, don’t automatically go for the expensive options—they may be expensive, but the rates of a company do not always reflect the quality of their work.

Having poor communication with your pro

Proper communication is key to ensuring that the repair goes smoothly. Your contractor will need as much information about the problem as you can give them to conduct the repair efficiently. Thus, do your part as the homeowner and take down as much information as possible, including how long ago the problem started, the sounds or smells you hear, and previous repair work done.

When the pro arrives at your house, give them your notes to help improve their assessment. They will likely appreciate this more than just vague descriptions of the problem, and more importantly, it will help them do their job better.

Hiring the right repair pro will determine how well the job goes and how long the fix will last. That said, always be careful when hiring someone to fix a problem in your home. Do due diligence, establish proper communication, and avoid these common mistakes as much as possible.


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