Moving into a New Office Space: 5 Things to Remember

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Unpacking in a new office

Moving into a new office space is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You’ve most probably learned to love your old office space, especially if you have been staying there for years now. However, getting a new space — a bigger and brighter space — is always something that employees and business owners will be proud of, as this usually means that the business is thriving.

Here, we will talk about what you need when it comes to moving to a new office. From dealing with office clearance in London down to organising your new space, we’ve got it covered.

1. Plan it Carefully

If you think that all you have to do is to just move the chairs, tables, and equipment from the old office to the new one, then you are most definitely wrong. You are going to deal with a brand new space here, and not everything will fit the way it did with your previous office.

Create a plan so you would know where to put every piece of furniture and equipment. This is especially important if you are hiring a couple of people to move the items for you and you won’t be able to arrange everything yourself.

2. Appointing a Person Who’s in Charge of Moving

Appoint a person to be in charge of the moving so everything will go as planned. If you have an administrative assistant, you can ask them to do the job for you.

However, you should still be fully involved with the process, especially if you want the new office vibe to represent you or the business. You can divide the work amongst employees and yourself if you are not planning on hiring professionals.

3. Ask Employees to Pack their Own Stuff

Employee packing his office thingsEach individual or employee should be responsible for packing their own stuff at the office. This is not the movers’ or manager’s job, as something might get lost in the process and innocent people might be blamed for it. Ask your employees to pack their stuff in advance so they will not lose anything and that everything will go smoothly and as planned.

4. Tell the IT Department in Advance

One of the most difficult things to pack and move are computers and other types of electronics. Inform your IT department in advance so they can disconnect every cable and prepare them for the move. They might have to work after office hours or during the weekends so the employees would not have to stop working, so let the department know in advance.

5. Update the Address

Change your address on documents and important papers as soon as you have finalised the move. You should also let your vendors know about the new address and when you are planning on moving out and into the new office. You should do this a couple of weeks before the actual move so no package will get lost or mixed up in the process.

Appointing someone and being active and present with the move is important, especially if you have valuable things that you are afraid of losing during the move. Label the boxes properly and make sure to give your assistant/s and the movers an orientation about where the boxes should go.


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