No Room? No Problem: Ways to Add an Extra Bedroom to Your Home

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A lot of homes have guest rooms in case a friend or visiting relative comes by and stays over your home, allowing for more comfort and privacy than just having them crash on a couch — or sacrificing one of your own rooms and have someone else sleep on the couch temporarily. However, not all homes have extra rooms, and sometimes even the guest bedroom becomes permanently occupied or used as an office. As such, we’ll be taking a look at ways for you to add an extra room to your home:

Split a Room

Splitting a room is exactly what it sounds. If you have a big enough room, you can split it with a partition wall and remodel both rooms, with one being the new guest room, and the other being what it was but smaller. Many houses can afford to split one big bedroom into two without making it feel cramped. You also have the option to bump out (extending a room outwards) in order to add extra space in the rooms you’ve split.

Convert Your Basement

The basement is oftentimes underutilized and used mostly as a storage area or a place for your heater. If you have an unfinished basement or one that only serves as a storage area, you can easily turn it into an extra bedroom or two and a bathroom. It’ll need some framing, insulation, and also flooring in order to be livable, as well as electrical wiring and plumbing. As such, you’ll definitely want to have an experienced contractor or one that specializes in basement finishing for your Salt Lake City home’s basement renovation project to ensure that it’s properly and safely repurposed as an extra bedroom.

Use Attic

The attic often functions quite the same as a basement as it’s often used as a storage place. Converting your attic into another bedroom can also be similar to a basement conversion, however, this depends on the capacity and space of the attic which are often smaller and shorter than basements. As such, it would sometimes require more money to add plumbing and electrical systems, not to mention the trouble of lifting furniture into the attic.

bedroom in the attic


If you don’t have a vehicle, or if you have an extra parking space (perhaps a carport) in your home, you can choose to convert your garage, instead. Your garage could be fully converted into an extra room (with a bathroom) or split it between a small extra bedroom and a smaller garage (for storage, tools, and even your laundry area).

Garden Studio

If all the other options in the list aren’t viable, try to think out of the box; specifically, try to think outside the house. If you have the funds (or the skill, if you prefer to do it DIY), you can build an extra room in your garden. There are several designs for garden guest rooms you can try out. Just know that it’ll cost extra as you’ll practically be building a single-room house complete with plumbing, electrical systems, and insulation in your garden.


There are many ways and options for you to add an extra room to your home. You just need to decide which one is best for you, and which one fits your property and budget. When in doubt, never hesitate to consult an experienced or specialized contractor regarding your options.


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