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The pandemic gave us more reasons to value our health and wellness. But then, all the social distancing and quarantining made it lonelier to stay active. As we stay indoors more hours each day, it becomes easier to indulge in a sedentary lifestyle.

Finding the motivation to live a healthier and more active lifestyle can be tricky when you spend most days at home. What some homeowners did is invest in different home improvements that will motivate them to stay active at home.

If you have the budget to spare, you can use this time to improve your home, boost its value, and make your home a health and fitness heaven. The kind of projects you can invest in will depend on what activities you prefer doing. For starters, here are five home upgrades that will help you achieve your fitness goals

Build a Residential Basketball Court

Do you love playing basketball with your kids? Sometimes, having a basketball backboard installed in your driveway is not enough to enjoy a good game. If you have enough space in your big yard, then why not consider having a basketball court?

Basketball courts offer many perks. Aside from the outdoor recreation and comfort, you can also improve your curb appeal. This can serve as your extra exterior focal point which in turn increases your home value.

Basketball courts encourage you and your family to go out, play, and have fun. If you already have an old court that you wish to turn into a multi-sports court, you only need to hire experts to handle expert multi-sports court surfacing for you. This way, you and your family can enjoy more than just a space for playing basketball.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are so overrated. Many homeowners feel these are just a waste of space and investment. But in reality, such an upgrade does more than simply help you cook and prepare food outside of your home.

Outdoor kitchens are great investments for families who love to cook and eat together. Since you are basically cooking outside, you have more reasons to whip up healthier meals and enjoy these with the whole family. You no longer have to worry about cooking meals that make the whole house smell.

This type of upgrade also serves as a notable aesthetic feature in your outdoor living space. According to Remodeling.net, the return on investment (ROI) of outdoor kitchens in the patio is around 55%.  While not all buyers want an outdoor kitchen, you can target a population that values outdoor kitchens as a nice-to-have in their next home.

backyard swimming pool

Say Yes to an Inground Swimming Pool

Swimming is a good exercise that everyone can enjoy. You don’t necessarily need to be expert swimmers before investing in your own pool at home. Despite the financial and safety risks, a pool can be a great investment.

Everyone, young or old, would appreciate having a pool in their own backyard. This encourages you to take a dip and cool off during the hot, sunny weather. You can play in the pool even if it is nighttime, and move your whole body while having fun.

Swimming is for everyone, even your senior loved ones. People with mobility issues actually have an easier time moving and exercising on pools. This only means even your aging loved one can enjoy this space and spend more time outdoors to exercise.

Go for an Outdoor Gym or Yoga Studio

If exercising or doing yoga inside your home does not appeal to you, why not try an outdoor gym or yoga studio instead? With health and fitness centers only allowing up to 50% maximum indoor capacity, you are better off exercising in your own backyard. You can turn your deck into your very own yoga space or turn your backyard shed into your own home gym.

Exercising in nature gives you double the benefits. You can have a great view of your property while appreciating your gorgeous home or your beautiful yard. You get to have your own space for active recreation and have everything you need at your disposal.

You no longer need to pay a membership fee. The whole family can exercise with you, making staying active and fit more enjoyable. You only need to invest in the right gear and equipment so you can start exercising daily without leaving your house.

Grow a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Building a vegetable garden in your backyard and actually tending to it yourself offer a whole lot of perks. You are indulging in a hobby that relaxes your mind while exercising your body. This is since experts consider this as a moderate to high-intensity workout.

You are growing your own produce that will then nourish the whole family. The whole family can lend a hand in taking care of the plants and vegetables. This also helps kids learn more about nature and encourage them to eat healthier, home-grown food options.

These are but five home improvement projects that enable you to stay healthy and live a more active lifestyle. Some will motivate you to exercise more while others will encourage the whole family to be mindful of what they eat. Taking time to invest in these upgrades can help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals during the crisis.


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