Outgrowing Your Office: Tips for When You Need More Space for Your Expanding Business

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It’s every business owner’s dream to have their business thrive and eventually grow. However, when your business or company starts growing, so should your physical workplace to accommodate more staff, more equipment, and more operations. You might have started with an office that’s only filled with a handful of people, but now that business is booming, you’ll need more staff to keep up with the demand and the expansion, which also means needing a bigger office. As such, we’ll be taking a look at tips on how you can go about expanding your office space for your ever-expanding business:

Figure Out If You Need A Bigger Office

Office expansion is not an easy nor cheap option. As such, try and review if you do need a bigger office. There are instances wherein you can expand your business operations without having the need to expand your office space. For example, if most of your staff are field-based or don’t work inside the office, getting a bigger office space wouldn’t exactly be cost-effective, and you could hold off your decision later on.

Expanding VS Branching Out

Additionally, you’d also want to consider if it’s more beneficial to expand your current office or to have a separate branch. For example, if you’re an accounting firm and you’re getting more and more in-demand, you can decide whether to get extra office space for more staff in your current location, or you can branch out at a different strategic location to increase your firm’s ‘visibility’ and reach to gain clients within that area.

Determine What The Expansion Requires


If you have determined that you need to expand your current office to accommodate more staff, equipment, and clients, then you’d want to determine what you need in terms of the expansion. As such, you’d have to assess the size of the office space you need based on the additional staffing and equipment requirements. Don’t just move into an office twice the size of your current one as it may be too much or too little. Additionally, you’d want to take into consideration any improvements and additional features and amenities you’ll need for the expansion.

Ask Your Landlord or Contractor

If you’re currently renting out the office space you’re in, ask your landlord if it’s possible to rent the adjacent space (if any), or if he can recommend a bigger space for you to occupy. This would be a cheaper option for you than relocating somewhere new, and you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of telling your clients that you’ve moved to a new and bigger office. However, if you own the building or structure where your office operates, ask your local commercial contractor in Utah if it’s possible to further expand or renovate your current structure to meet your expansion needs.

Keep Future Expansions In Mind

If you’re picking out a place to rent for your new office, see if there’s a possibility of you being able to rent out additional units or space in that structure — it would be frustrating to move out of your old office into a new one, and then having the move out again after a year or two to another area with more space when the business keeps expanding. So always consider further expansion as a possibility when picking out a place. If you own the current place you’re using as an office for your business in, and you’ve decided to renovate or expand your structure to get more office space, make sure that you mention the possibility of future expansions so it can be integrated to the design — making it easier and cheaper for you to do further expansions.


Business expansion can be exciting, but it also requires a lot of planning and preparation especially when you need to expand your office space. So make sure to keep these tips in mind to determine if you do need to expand, what you need for the expansion, and what to consider when expanding.


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